A present for National Coalition Party MP Pia Kauma

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Remember National Coalition Party MP Pia Kauma? Yes, the MP from Espoo, who pointed an accusing finger at migrant mothers claiming that they bought with social aid new baby carriages while Finnish mothers bought used ones. Kauma never backed her statements but at the end her claims were proven false and based on hearsay

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Migrant Tales’ tweet above never got a response from Prime Minister Alexander Stubb.


I noticed today on Facebook a picture of a new and shining baby carriage mocking MP Kauma, who still hasn’t backed what she claimed never mind offered a public apology for victimizing especially poor migrant mothers.

How can a politician like Kauma make false statements based on rumors that label migrants and minorities and get away with it? Kauma has with her hearsay shown the ugly face of prejudice in this country and how much politicians will twist facts and even lie to get votes.

White Finnish privilege is one reason why Kauma can make up stories about migrants and get away with it.

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Thank you Abdirahim Husu Hussein for the heads-up.

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