A picture that refuses to die and reveals Finland’s inhumane asylum policy where children are locked up in detention centers

by , under Enrique Tessieri

The picture of the girl in Joutseno’s immigration removal center was taken by a detained Iraqi family in 2017. If there is a picture that represents the injustice of Finland’s heartless immigration “service” authorities, it is this picture of the girl gazing at her future from a barred window with barb wire.

You can check the video of the detained family here.

After this ordeal, and after a lot of pressure placed on the Finnish Immigration Service, the family of nine was not deported but given a residence permit to stay in Finland.

The video is short with a simple description of their situation: “Me olemme Joutsen(ossa). Ovet kiinni…ja ikkunat kiinni. Jos tarvitsemme asia paina ovikelloa…sitten poliisi tule. Ja siellä on kamera. Ja emme osamme ulos.” (We are in Joutseno. Door closes..and windows are closed. If we need something we press the doorbell…then the police comes. And there’s a camera. And we don’t know how to go outside). Source: Iltalehti.