A note to asylum seekers coming here: Welcome to Finland!

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Dear prospective Asylum Seeker,

We want to welcome you to Finland!

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The Finnish foreign ministry and the government have launched a controversial social media campaign to deter refugees. The aim of the campaign is to tighten conditions for refugees in order to stem the influx of people seeking asylum in Finland.

The reason is simple: The Finns Party (PS), which saw it’s support dive in the recnt opinion poll, has broken every campaign promise and those that voted for the party are riling mad.

The only card left to the PS is you. By getting tough on refugees the party, which bases part of its support on Islamophobic rhetoric, hopes to see its poll rating rise at the expense of your misery and peril.

But we’re not like the Finnish government never mind the anti-immigration Finns Party (PS).

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The text in this posting was inspired by a Danish pro-refugee campaign poster.

Many of us are bidding refugees a warm welcome. And many of us want to help those who are fleeing torture, bombs and persecution.

We do not believe that families in war-torn countries should learn that the Finnish foreign ministry is launched a social media campaign based on the ill-conceived and erroneous logic that families calculate where they may profit the most from settling as refugees.

Not in our name!

So, dear fellow human being, there is another voice in Finland – a voice representing peace, solidarity and human decency.

That’s why we extend a warm welcome to Finland and denounce the foreign ministry’s scare tactics.

Human greetings.