A new low for the Perussuomaliset: Snitching on your teacher and neighbor

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In autocratic countries like the former Nazi Germany, North Korea, and elsewhere, snitching was one way to deal with enemies of the state. The Perussuomalaiset (PS)* are now asking students and people who speak against the party.


PS MP Jani Mäkelä, who sees no wrong with Trump and Hungary’s Viktor Orbán, tweets:

“Important message. Report it to the party if you encounter anti-Perussuomalaiset politicking at school or any similar places. Who, where, and how and importantly, how you can prove it [what was said]? Our youth arm and MPs will receive your messages.”

Source: Twitter


In Nazi Germany it worked in the same manner.

The Holocaust Explained writes: “Informers had various motives including antisemitism, racism, a strong belief in Nazi ideology and governance, fear, personal gain, professional gain, and personal disagreements [e.g., informing the Gestapo that someone was a communist in response to a personal dislike or argument with that person]. Most informers were aware of the consequences of their actions.”

While the Nazi regime’s downfall happened in 1945, it is scary to imagine what kind of a Finland we’d live in if the PS ruled the country.

Mark my words: The PS under Jussi Halla-aho on his cronies would not think twice about turning Finland into an “illiberal” republic like Hungary.