CORRECTION: A Moroccan asylum seeker who was sentenced to a year in prison attempts suicide

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Migrant Tales understands that a Moroccan asylum seeker attempted to take his life at the Joutseno* immigration removal center. The man was doing a one-year sentence of which he had served eight months. 

In an earlier story, we said incorrectly that the asylum seeker had taken his life. He is allegedly in the hospital recovering.

“He was taken to the hospital Wednesday night after he hanged himself in his cell,” said the source. “He is supposed to be deported [back to his home country].”

Two pictures of the Joutseno immigration removal center taken from cell 406 in 2017.

* The asylum seeker who was locked up in this cell thought he was in Lappeenranta but in fact he was at the Joutseno immigration removal center located 20km away.

  1. Light

    Dont say Finland, say Crimeland
    Dont say judge, say wolf
    Dont say court, say terror building

    Which court and wich judge said he must be in prison for 1 year? for what?
    H2O is free under this sky !the only thing he asked was walking under this sky and breathing H2O, and racist judge could not accept this !
    8 months in jail? it is a permanent terror.
    Real terrorist are here, woe on Finland, woe on Racists !
    Finland is a terrorist country and full of courses .

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    World is watching you Finland, you must answer this all ! ! !

  2. Light

    Now Moroccan asylum is dead,sigh sigh, cold, and in a cold place, he was alone, again is alone, and his family are alone too, and what about that racist judge? He/she is drinking its coffee and will sleep on a warm bed tonight and tomrrow it will continue terror and attack again and again and again, a hungry monster is free in a country with full democracy and freedom , every right is just for finns, oh yes law of democracy says to a Finnish judge : you can kill and terror but still you are free because you are special and those are slave, we are better and those are ours and in our games, you can play game with them as you wish and as you want and as you like .

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