A message from a 13-year-old asylum seeker girl that will be deported: “Good night”

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The ordeal of the Iraqi family of nine that is expects to be deported possibly Wednesday hasn’t ended but there is hope despite everything. One of the children of the family, who is 13, sends a message below from the immigration removal center at Joutseno: “Good night.”

The youngest member of the family is 1.5 years and the eldest 14.

The pictures below are just as terrible as “Ali’s” last selfie when he was inside a squad car at the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport and about to be deported.

The person who is in touch with the family responds to the adolescent’s message: “Good night loved ones.”


A view from the room where the Iraqi family of nine are detained at the immigration removal center at Joutseno, located next to the Russian border in southeast Finland.