A letter to the Prime Minister of Finland Juha Sipilä: “I plead with you so I can have my fiancé back at my side”

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Honorable Prime Minister,

I turn to you because my fiancé was detained and locked up by the police. He is in danger of being deported back to Iraq from Finland.

Allow me to introduce myself: I’m a Finnish woman who lives in the region of Varsinais-Suomi with two children, I’m pregnant and want to get married. Honorable Prime Minister, I’m stricken with deep sadness today because I miss my fiancé so much. Even if we’re separated, we sleep together with the children. Both of us have our mobile phones next to us so we can see our faces thanks to a videophone application.

We met the first time at the garden of my house. My future fiancé appeared with different colored roses. He built a lighted statue from a watering can. My fiancé is hard-working, loyal and a good construction worker, gardener and remodels homes. In his former homeland, he was a stonemason who worked with marble.

The painting, which was made by the author, is called “Apstrakt.”

He is my true love, a father to my children and a source of pride for my parents. We first lived in a paradise contentedly but then everything turned into a nightmare in January, when the police took him away from me when we went to the police station to find out the decision of the district court concerning his asylum case. We were very stressed before visiting the police and asked ourselves near-constantly if the appeal was accepted or not. We believed that the court would rule in our favor but the opposite happened.

My fiancé was torn from life without any warning when he was detained. The door shut coldly in front of me and there were no chances even to say goodbye at the first place he was detained. It was impossible to see him no matter how much I pleaded with the police. We were shocked and we thought that if the deportation goes through it will be a forced return to Iraq, and to death. The Iraqi government has asked Finland not to deport people to that country.

Honorable Prime Minister, how is it possible that people are treated in such a manner in Finland, a country that abides by the law? What has happened to us? I’m certain you remember, Honorable Prime Minister when in 2015 you offered your home to asylum seekers. I have learned the hard way what it feels like to be a Muslim in Finland. These people are treated like animals despite the fact that many suffer from traumas and live in fear, even in Finland thanks to our authorities. Not only are asylum seekers forced to leave the country but Finnish women as well in order to keep their families from breaking up.

This situation that my family, which is made up of two small children, my parents and I, suffers at this moment is insane. The ill- and inhuman treatment of asylum seekers in Finland must stop. I turn to you, Honorable Prime Minister, to put an end to this insanity.

I plead with you so I can have my fiancé back at my side.


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