A Finnish father teaches his child to hit and hate refugees

by , under Enrique Tessieri

If you want a lesson on how racism and hatred is passed on to the next generation, watch the video clip (in Finnish) below of supposedly a father or guardian telling his daughter to hit a monkey teddy bear, which is supposed to be a refugee. 

The child doesn’t appear to be too happy at the end of the video for hitting the monkey teddy bear.

“What is this,” the father says. “Who is this?”

“Refugee,” the child responds.

“What shall we do to it? Look, like this,” the father continues hitting the monkey teddy bear’s head.

“Iitu, Iitu what do we do to refugees?”he asks. “With both hands, Iitu. Show me. Let’s give the refugee a punch. Iitu. Give it a hard punch like this one,” the father continues hitting the monkey teddy bear’s head hard.

“What is this?” the father asks the child again.

“Refugee,” the child responds.



Thank you Christian Thibault for the heads-up!

  1. D4R

    This explains why kids were coming to me and calling me out all kind of names like you are a welfare leecher and racial names too. Im not surprised at all of this mans behaviour. Some of the ugly things little children utter is learned from home. Children born untainted but sick people like this mane spoils their innocent mind with hateret.