A dramatic Monday when demonstrators almost halted a deportation to Afghanistan

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Today was a dramatic evening when protestors tried to stop a deportation of Afghans from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Apart from the protestors, ST1 allegedly refused to tank the plane that was going to deport the asylum seekers back to Afghanistan.

Plans to deport Afghans from Finland was reported by Al-Jazeera.

There was hope that the deportation would stop and be delayed but such hopes were dashed when the plane, a Boeing 737-800 (OK-TVO) allegedly of the Czech Travel Service, took off from the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport cargo terminal.

The protestors who did everything possible to stop the deportation should be commended. It is a good example of activism and standing up against a government that doesn’t care an iota for the safety of the people it deports.

Ilona Taimela tweets that apparently a new demonstration against deportations will be held tomorrow at noon at the Helsinki Railway Station Square. Tell the organizers that you will be going to the demonstration here.

We have said on a number of occasions in Migrant Tales that the extreme hardline stance of the government’s asylum policy will turn against it. We saw this happen in the 1980s when the tough stance of the then Aliens Office turned against itself because it was so out of touch with public opinion.

The same is happening in Finland today.






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