A depressing documentary on Denmark’s Islamophobia

by , under Enrique Tessieri

The scariest matter that Thursday’s documentary revealed about one of Europe’s most Islamophobic countrie was how far racist discourse promoted by politicians could lead a country. In a standard pyramid of hate (see below), where genocide is the final outcome, the apex of Denmark’s pyramid of hate is deportation, and physical elimination of whole groups like Muslims.

Watching the documentary and the comments by an Islamophobic Danish People’s Party (DPP)* MP Marier Krarup and Matias Tesfaye, minister of immigration and integration, showed the source of the country’s “racism is both cultural and legal,” according to Jonas Eika.

Tesfaye went on to say that Denmark was right in taking a more uncompromising stand against Muslims or people from the Middle East and North Africa. This statement was made by the son of an Ethiopian refugee who supports cooperation with the Islamophobic DPP.

According to Politico, the Social Democrats of Denmark supported confiscating the jewelry of refugees to pay for their asylum, forcing the children of immigrants to attend compulsory child care, and banning the niqab.

Michelle Pace, professor in global studies at Roskilde University, expresses dismay at how the ruling Social Democrats are drafting laws and using harsher Islamophobic discourse than the DPP.

“I can’t believe that I am saying this,” she continued, “[but] it is a reality, and that is because they [Social Democrats] want to please their voters. They want to be reelected in the next election.”

See the full program (Danish and Finnish) here.

The message that come through loud and clear from Tesfaye and Krarup in the documentary is, apart from their Islamophobia, there is no room for diversity, especially Muslims, in Denmark.

“They [Muslims] should not come to Denmark because it is difficult for people to change cultures,” said DPP’s Krarup, adding that Denmark cannot turn into a “Denmarkistan.”

Denmark’s Islamophobic discourse and politics have created its pyramid of hate. At the peak, you will not find genocide but deportation and physical elimination from the country.

The comments in the documentary bring forth a very sad case, and my heart goes to all the Muslims and good new Danes.

Power to them.

*Should it surprise us that the Perussuomalaiset’s [1] political soul mate in Denmark is the DPP? It is an open love affair.