A chat with an Afghan asylum seeker who was recently deported back to his country

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The text below was edited for clarity.

QUESTION (Q): What were the first feelings and impressions you had when you returned to Kabul?

AFGHAN ASYLUM SEEKER (AAS): It was a really bad feeling when they return me to Kabul. I felt that my life will be really difficult in the future and I must try so hard to make a living. Three police, two men and a woman, accompanied me by plane to Afghanistan.

Q: Do you think it was a mistake to come to Europe? Do you want to return?

AAS: NO. Every person learns something new in a new place. I also learned a lot there [Finland] and it was good for me. If there is any chance to go back I will return especially due to the education system.

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Q: What is the biggest injustice done to you?

AAS: The biggest injustice that has happened to me is to be separated from my family (father, mother, sisters, and brother). They live in Europe and I in Afghanistan. My family has a lot of problems now.

Q: Is there a future in Afghanistan?

AAS: There is no good future but I will work and this means I won’t be able to study. I don’t know what my future will be. The future vanishes in Afghanistan. All you do here is eat and live.

Q: How much money can one make and can one live off a salary?

AAS: I think 15000 Afghanis [171 euros] is enough for one person

Q: Where do you want your children to grow up?

AAS: I don’t know yet. Time will tell.

Q: What is the thing you miss most today?

AAS: My time at school in Finland. My education.

Q: What would you like to tell the people of Finland?

AAS: Nothing special. Just have a good and happy life with .health as well.

Q: What would you like to tell Migri? Did they treat you fairly?

AAS: Nothing special. They think first about their people, not refugees. They don’t want to accept all refugees it can be a danger for the economy of the country. The Finnish government is afraid.