A cartoon that reveals a truth about integration and diversity in Europe

by , under Enrique

Sometimes when I read about how immigrants, their children and grandchildren are treated in some European countries, this cartoon comes to mind. 

After the first warning and after you understand fully the but after the ” we’re a very tolerant society…” line,  many will encounter the wall of  institutional racism, the final icing of your integration cake that ensures you will never compete as an equal member of society because of your ethnic background.

Source: Rec. Soc. blog.

What is racism?

It’s squandering people’s abilities and dwarfing their potential.

Racism is like a greedy monopoly, which would rarely if ever admit that it is a monopoly. Its aim is to kill competition in order to benefit itself at the cost of everyone.

People support such an order of things because, one way or another, they think they benefit from it as well.