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Thank you Perussuomalaiset for giving us Ano Turtiainen

Without Perussuomalaiset (PS)* party backing, Finland would have never had to read about MP Ano Turtiainen. From spreading racism, Turtiainen is now a staunch anti-vaxxer who believes that the Coronavirus pandemic is a hoax. From “Pink Floyd” to his accusations to fellow MPs of traitor and committing genocide against the Finns, Turtiainen has come full

Former PS MP Ano Turtiainen gets sacked from the party

It took a while, but, in the end, it came: MP Ano Turtiainen got sacked Friday from the Perussuomalaiset (PS) party after being expelled in June from the PS parliamentary group. The interesting question that the PS board’s decision offers is what it means for the party and Turtiainen’s political future. An incident between PS

Ano Turtiainen, the Finnish MP who mocked George Floyd’s death, gives thumbs up to Greece’s “open sea” policy

If politicians like MP Ano Turtiainan lived under the Nazi regime, it pretty clear what his view of the Holocaust. The disgraced politician, who mocked George Floyd’s death, now offers his “understanding” for Greece’s decision to secretly round up over a 1,000 asylum seekers and abandoning them on the open sea. Turtiainen tweets: “It’s a

Two Islamophobes in a pod: Juha Mäenpää and Ano Turtiainen of Finland

MP Ano [1] Turtiainen’s tweet mocking the death of George Floyd sits together with Juha Mäenpää on Facebook. You may ask why? Mäenpää is a member of the Perussuomalaiset party* and Turtiainen was expelled. One called Muslims “an invasive species” in parliament and the other mocked in a tweet George Floyd’s death. Turtianen, like Mäenpää,

Apologize now Ano Turtiainen, the Finnish MP who mocked George Floyd’s death

Finnish Perussuomalaiset (PS)* MP Ano Turtiainen’s tweet mocking George Floyd’s death is a disgrace. Still, even a worse shame is that he has not apologized to George Floyd’s family, #BlackLivesMatter movement, and also People of African Descent in Europe and Finland for the tweet. The only matter that appears to have concerned Turtiainen is that

Some of Ano Turtiainen’s most racist and repugnant posts

Former Perussuomalaiset (PS)* party MP Ano Turtiainen suffered some big blows last week: he was expelled from the far-right PS (quite a feat for a person who is multiculturally/interculturally challenged), two powerlifting groups in the United States and Canada terminated their business relationship with his company, Metal Sport & Ger (GoMetal). Let’s not forget all

Ano Turtiainen and Finland’s #BlackLivesMatter movement

THE STORY WAS UPDATED While what we see in the United States with nationwide protests is remarkable, what happened last week with former Perussuomalaiset (PS)* party MP Ano Turtainen was equally significant. Before mocking the death of George Floyd in a racist tweet, Turtiainen should have understood that there is a lot of sensitivity and

MP Ano Turtiainen: A shovelful of PS violence and rage

I doubt that anyone of us wants to see a [civil] war in our country. PS MP Ano Turtiainen The Perussuomalaiset (PS)* MP with a curious first name, “Ano,” [1] Turtiainen is another dangerous example of how the Islamophobic party fuels the hostile environment against migrants and minorities like Muslims. Recently we saw a deadly

PS MP Ano Turtiainen flirting with another feather in his cap

Perussuomalaiset (PS)* MP Ano Turtiainen [1] is a lawmaker that claims that breaking the law is a feather in his cap. His most recent posting on Facebook appears that the PS MP is fliting to get another feather in his cap. The posting is demeaning and straightforward (which is why we prefer not to post

Turtiainen suffers another blow to his business as the International Powerlifting Federation terminates cooperation

Ano, or Año Turtiainen, the former Perussuomalaiset MP who mocked George Floyd’s death at the hands of a Minneapolis policeman, boasts that he is “the best known Finnish powerlifter in the world.” CORRECTION: He is also known for being the most racist Finnish powerlifter in the world. After Elitefts and the Canadian Powerlifting Union terminated

Ano Turtaianen usko, että Derek Chauvinin tuomio on poliittinen

Kansanedustaja Ano Turtiaisen mukaan, hän ei ole seurannut viimeiset uutisia Derek Chauvinin oikeudenkäynnistä Yhdysvalloissa. Hän kuitenkin usko tuomion olevan poliittinen. Viime vuonna, Turtiainen sai potkut kesällä perussuomalaisten eduskuntaryhmästä, koska hän twiittisi vitsin George Floyden kuolemasta. Välikohtaus Juho Erolan kanssa maskien käytöstä eduskunnan istuntosalissa sinetöi helmikuussa hänen lopullinen lähtönsä puolueesta. “En ole kuunnellut uutisia,” hän sanoi

How anti-Semitism and racism see another day in Finland

The myth of an ideologically unified Finland isolated from the attitudes and practices of its ally, the Third Reich…the insensitivity toward these silenced histories provides a condition of continued racism and antisemitism. Finland’s Holocaust: The silence of history (2015) Perussuomalaiset (PS) MP Mauri Peltokangas is a racist hothead who has rage issues when opening his

2012 was another disappointing year for cultural diversity in Finland

Without a doubt, 2012 will be remembered as another bad year for cultural diversity in Finland. Finding the usual culprits isn’t difficult: ignorance and intolerance. It is surprising that a party like the Perussuomalaiset (PS), which grew from relative obscurity to become the third-largest political force in parliament in 2011, can wake up the worst

Turun Sanomat: Finland Democrats eye PS’ anti-immigration vote

The Finland Democrats, which bases its political agenda on the far-right Sweden Democrats, aims to become a new party and compete for the Perussuomalaiset (PS) party’s anti-immigration vote, reports Turun Sanomat. The creation of a new anti-immigration party reveals the ever-negative debate in Finland surrounding immigrants and immigration.   The PS is the only party that

Onko porvariston hillitty rasismi hyväksyttävää?

Reija Härkönen Timo Soini kirjoitti blogissaan 20.9.2015 otsikon ”Maahanmuuttolinja kiristyy huomattavasti” alle seuraavasti: ”Perussuomalaiset ovat jo vuosia varoittaneet sekä moraalittomasta europolitiikasta ja löperöstä maahanmuuttopolitiikasta Euroopassa, myös Suomessa. Minua, EU-politiikasta ja Jussi Halla-ahoa maahanmuuttopolitiikasta, on arvosteltu rajusti. Vääriksi väitteitämme ei ole todistettu”. Tuohon päivään mennessä perussuomalaisten rasistinen ja uusfasistinen henki oli jo moneen kertaan pulpahtanut pintaan,

A trail of xenophobic and far-right violence in Finland and yet no suspects

The detention of five far-right terrorist suspects in the western Finnish city of Kankaanpää Friday raises many questions. One of these is the collaboration of this group and others in the burning down of an asylum reception center in December 2015. The asylum reception center in Kankaanpää wasn’t the only one that suffered arson attacks.

The worst racists of Finland

Wrong. I am not talking about people who post a lot of racist trash like from the far-right Perussuomalaiset (PS)* party. I am specifically talking about those who claim to be against racism but are unwilling to challenge institutionalized racism and suffering, in many cases, from white fragility. Our system of institutional racism has so

Finland’s Perussuomalaiset party says that the use of the Nazi flag in public should not be criminalized

THE STORY WAS UPDATED Only the Perussuomalaiset (PS)* and Ano Turtiainen’s one-man party expressed opposition to criminalizing the use of the Nazi flag in public. The story by Yle was published a day after the Helsinki District Court dismissed ethnic agitation charges agitation against five men of carrying a swastika flag in public on Independence Day 2018. PS parliamentary group

The Perussuomalaiset: Promoting Nazi concentration camp slogans

The last time we read about Perussuomalaiset (PS)* Turku chapter chairperson Jyrki Åland was in January when he stated that Covid-19 deaths “would do a lot of good” in Varisuo, a neighborhood of Turku where 48% of its inhabitants don’t speak Finnish or Swedish as their mother tongue. In a blog posting Monday on the

Turtianen is a threat to the PS and an example of everything that’s wrong with the far-right Islamophobic party

THE POST WAS UPDATED Former Perussuomalaiset (PS) MP Ano Turtiainen has become a real thorn in the side of the far-right Islamophobic party. Apart from his racist postings of George Floyd, encouraging violence against asylum reception centers, assaulting a fourteen-year-old, wishing that asylum seekers would drown at sea, inciting civil war, anti-vaxxer buffoonery, and other

Who is Finland’s Marjorie Taylor Greene?

TOPLINE Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is the far-right conspiracy monger who was voted out of her two committee assignments this week. In the age of misinformation, peddling conspiracy theories and racism are rewarded handsomely. Voters are gullible and conspiracy lies are quickly consumed with the help of the eyes and ears. KEY FACT AND

Don’t give racist charlatans a megaphone

Which Finnish politicians are the country’s biggest charlatans? We all know them by name. Finland’s media has learned to pushback more than before and not give a megaphone to political con artists. It is called media responsibility. Who are these charlatans? They are the ones who always pick on the disadvantaged threatening them with a

Hall of Shame: Finland’s 2020 Islamophobic and Afrophobic network

Choosing the key figures in the Islamophobic and Afrophobic Hall of Shame wasn’t difficult even during a year ravaged by Covid-19. The task was to choose the most obvious culprits and other ones in the media that fuel and maintain such a toxic environment. In putting together this year’s Hall of Shame, I was quickly

Finland’s Hall of Shame of its Islamophobic and Afrophobic network will be published on December 30

Migrant Tales will publish on Wednesday, December 30, people, politicians, the media, and political parties that spread Islamophobia and Afrophobia during 2020. If you would like to participate in the making of this list, please send your suggestions to [email protected] We believe that social ills like Islamophobia, Afrophobia, and all forms of racism should be

Finnish parliament does not lift Juha Mäenpää’s immunity from prosecution

THIS STORY WAS UPDATED The racist in a culture with racism is therefore normal. Frantz Fanon (1925-61) Parliament (Eduskunta) voted on Friday not to lift Perussuomalaiset (PS)* MP Juha Mäenpää’s parliamentary immunity, which needed a five-sixths majority to pass. The final vote tally was 121 in favor of lifting parliamentary immunity, and 54 against; 24

The most “notable” members of Finland’s Islamophobic network in 2019

THIS STORY WAS UPDATED Who are the most “notable” figures of Finland’s Islamophobic network in 2019? In the list below, 13 are members of the Perussuomalaiset (PS)* party, 3 are National Coalition Party (NCP) members, 2 are Christian Democrats (KD), and three others are political “freelancers:” Marco de Wit, Junnes Lokka, and Tiina Wiik. The

Taking down statues, raising new ones and systematic whitewashing in Finland

Slavery is the next thing to hell. Harriet Tubman 1822-1913 Statues are being toppled left and right, some with permission others without. TV shows and movies like “Gone with the wind” are taken down because of their racist content. All of this indicates that we have reached some sort of tipping point. Long live #BlackLivesMatters!

Finnish MP who mocked George Floyd: You are not suspected of ethnic agitation, you are suspected of ethnic agitation

The news continues to roll in for MP Ano Turtiainen, who was suspended from the Perusuomalaiset (PS)* parliamentary group for a tweet that mocked George Floyd’s death. After the police carried out their investigation last week and decided not to charge Turtiainen for ethnic agitation or defamation, the police changed course Monday after Prosecutor General

The PS jump from one scandal to the next

As the dust settles over this tumultuous week for the far-right Perussuomalaiset (PS) party, the question to ask if business will be back to “normal” in the PS? The first scandal was MP Ano Turtiainen’s tweet that mocked George Floyd’s death at the hands of a Minneapolis police. Apart from ending Turtianen’s short-lived career as

Finnish citizenship test, kansalaisuustesti

There are a lot of fakes out there imitating the Finnish coat of arms and distorting and corrupting what it stands for. If you are going to become a naturalized Finn, you cannot fail this part of the citizenship test. On paljon feikkejä, jotka imitoivat olevansa Suomen vaakuna ja vääristävät ja korruptoivat mitä se edustaa.

How does the Perussuomalaiset party resemble the coronavirus or vice versa?

Here are some symptoms of the coronavirus: fever, dry cough, sore throat, tiredness, headaches, loss of taste, and smell. Here are some symptoms of the PS virus: racism, Islamophobia, bigotry, climate denial, conspiracy theories, mediocracy, pro-Putin, and incompetence. Like Covid-19, which fools and infects healthy cells, the PS virus also enters and infects institutions like

Finland’s populist party’s #coronavirus kiss of death to minorities it wants to oppress and forsake

One of the matters that the coronavirus has exposed as well. is how populist anti-immigration parties like the Perussuomalaiset (PS)* assail migrants and minorities, especially Muslims. Helsinki Mayor Jan Vapaavuori was quoted as saying in statement that he is concerned by the rapid rise of coronavirus infections among the Somali speaking community. “Close to 200

(Migrant Tales 14.12.2015): How long will reception centers and asylum seekers be under attack in Finland?

Migrant Tales insight: Remember 2015? It was the year when over 30,000 asylum seekers, mainly from Iraq and Afghanistan, came to Finland. Do you remember the reaction of some Finns who attacked fourteen asylum reception centers? Why weren’t these acts of violence classified as domestic terrorism?  This disgraceful story is dedicated to Perussuomalaiset (PS)* MP Ano

QUOTE OF THE DAY (Toni Morrison): “What are you without racism?”

THIS STORY WAS UPDATED Dedicated to the racist politicians, political parties and groups in Finland. And let’s be clear. I am talking about the Perussuomalaiset (PS)*, National Coalition Party (Kokoomus), Christian Democrats, neo-Nazi groups and websites like Hommaforum. Some politicians that come to mind are Jussi Halla-aho, Riikka Purra, Ville Tavio, Matias Turkkila, Ano Turtiainen,

Case Perussuomalaiset Youth: The worst enemy of the far right is the far right

The scandal that blew up in FPÖ leader’s Heinz-Christian Strache’s face and which brought down a government in Austria, Perussuomalaiset (PS)*Vice President Laura Huhtasaari’s participation in a meeting organized by Salvini in Milano with far-right leader Matteo Salvini, and the racist tweet below by the PS Youth are just one of many political setbacks. 

Is there a difference between former and present Perussuomalaiset members?

Some of the persons promoting racism, violence, and Hungarian-Orbán-style rule in Finland are former and present Perussuomalaiset (PS)* members. The only difference between these two types of PS supporters is their incitement of violence and racism. James Hirvisaari, who was sacked from the party after he took a picture of a friend giving a Nazi

Trump, suomalaispuolueet ja väkivaltapolitiikka

Trumpin edesottamukset USA:ssa hävittyjen vaalien jälkeen ovat yksi osoitus siitä, kuinka käy, kun valtaan pääsevät öykkärit, jotka käyttävät kaiken tarmonsa kyseenalaisen, rasistisen ja syrjivän agendan edistämiseen. Äänestäjät hankitaan käyttäen hyväksi ihmisten alhaisimpia tuntoja. Äänestäjien antama valta suunnataan omien viettien tyydyttämiseen ja oman ja lähipiirin omaisuuden kartuttamiseen. Monet ajattelevat, että meillä ei voisi käydä näin, mutta

Mitä ajattelevat Perussuomalaiset ja mitä he peittelevät?

Keitä ovat Perussuomalaiset? Elävätkö he rinnakaistodellisuudessa tai peittelevätkö keitä he ovat todellisuudessa, eli vihaamielisia islamofoobisia, etnonastionalistisia ja maahanmuuttovastaisia? Tässä muutamia väitteitä. Totta tai tarua? Keltainen ei ole pelkurein* väri. Se ei ole myöskään lumenväri. Jussi Halla-aho ei ole stand up koomikko. Emme kannusta aparthedia.

Adam Al-Sawad: Missä menee sivistysvaltion raja?

Nationalististen tahojen kerätessä suosiota Suomessa, kohtaa Suomen poliittinen kenttä yhä useammin skandaaleja perussuomalaisten poliitikkojen toimesta. Yhdessä skandaalissa kannatetaan “eliminointia” ja tuhopolttoja (Turtiainen, 2015) tai levitetään räikeästi väärää tietoa rasistisin tarkoitusperin (Purra, 2020), toisessa vitsaillaan murhattujen tummaihoisten kustannuksella (Turtiainen, 2020) tai väitetään vielä elossa olevien tekevän kouluista eläintarhoja (Halla-Aho, 2007). Puolueen sisältä paljastuu tasaisin väliajoin kytköksiä

The PS’ and Jussi Halla-aho’s “circus” tour continues after fascist Toni Jalonen resigns as PS Youth vice president

THIS POST WAS UPDATED Some may believe that the big news from the weekend is that the former second vice president of the Perussuomalaiset (PS)* Youth, Toni Jalonen, admitted publicly to being “an ethnonationalist, traditionalist, and a fascist.” Reaction to what Jalonen affirmed came fast and hard after it hit social media. National Coalition Party

Twitter: White Finnish rapist or arsonist = lone wolf, drunk

In Finland, we have had a number of arson attacks against asylum reception centers. We even have one substitute MP of the Perussuomalaiset (PS)* who said that “god had answered his prayers” when a building, which was supposed to house asylum seekers, was razed to the ground earlier this month.

Finland & Cultural Diversity 2012*

If 2011 was a watershed year for Finland with the historic rise of  a hostile party against immigrants and visible minorities in last year’s parliamentary elections, 2012 will be seen as a bittersweet turning point for the Perussuomalaiset (PS).  The year will be remembered as a very violent one for immigrants as well. During “Black

MP Hirvisaari claims PS anti-immigration message not strong enough

Perussuomalaiset (PS) MP James (Erkki Kalevi) Hirvisaari claims that his party did poorly in the municipal elections because it wasn’t as outspoken on immigration issues as before the 2011 parliamentary elections, according to YLE. Migrant Tales disagrees. The PS did poorly in the municipal elections because of the crackpot stuff they say and do to

The Finnish city of Kemi gives us Harri Taurianen of the PS

Harri Taurianen, the new Perussuomalaiset (PS) city councilor of the northern Finnish city of Kemi,  is a good example of how the PS continues to attracts a generous number of people who are multiculturally challenged. Taurianen, who claims it’s good to uphold Finnish values and likes to spread far-right blah blah, imported his campaign slogans