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A present for National Coalition Party MP Pia Kauma

Remember National Coalition Party MP Pia Kauma? Yes, the MP from Espoo, who pointed an accusing finger at migrant mothers claiming that they bought with social aid new baby carriages while Finnish mothers bought used ones. Kauma never backed her statements but at the end her claims were proven false and based on hearsay.  Migrant Tales’

Kokoomus MP Pia Kauma continues crusade against baby carriages – now includes Finnish mothers

Pia Kauma, the National Coalition Party (Kokoomus) MP that pointed the accusing finger at migrants Friday by asking why migrant women get social aid to buy new baby carriages since Finnish mothers buy used ones, wants to do away with social aid to buy baby carriages altogether, reports Helsingin Sanomat. Migrant Tales reported Friday that the finger pointing and

Why we should treat Pia Kauma’s apology with tweezers

Wouldn’t you have known it. After labeling and victimizing migrant women in Finland on Friday, who she claimed were buying new baby carriages with social assistance, the National Coalition Party MP Pia Kauma now apologizes for what she said, reports Helsingin Sanomat. Is her apology sincere or a sham? Read full story (in Finnish) here.

MP Pia Kauma’s crusade against baby carriages is based on hearsay

National Coalition Party MP Pia Kauma has become quite a sensation after she accused migrant women of  buying new baby carriages with welfare money. When asked on YLE’s A-Studio where she got such information, her answer was quite startling.  ”Of course it’s very difficult to get factual information,” she said on YLE’s A-Studio,  “but I

Kokoomus MP Pia Kauma takes a cheap shot against migrants

With parliamentary elections nearing in April 2015, politicians will do almost anything to get attention. We heard Perussuomalaiset (PS) chairman Timo Soini state this week that his party’s ass isn’t for sale. National Coalition Party (Kokoomus) MP and Espoo city councilwoman, Pia Kauma, now joins this questionable group by asking why the municipality should help migrants

Missä luuraavat kansanedustajat Kauma ja Packalén?

Olen kärsivällisesti odottanut kaksi vahvistusta: kansanedustajan Pia Kauman väite, että maahanmuuttaja naiset ostavat uusia lastenvaunuja sossun rahoilla ja kansanedustaja Tom Packalénin väite, että vain maahanmuuttaja jengit hyökkäävät kantasuomalaisia vastaan ja heidän motiivi on rasistinen, koska he haluavat vahingoittaa valkoisia suomalaisia.   Missä luraa vastaukset? Lahde:   Molempien väite yhdistä vahvasti ”me” vastaan ”he”. Miksi