Facebook: Don’t lose hope no matter how wrong the Finnish government is

by , under Kerstin Ögård

Hi people,

I know it is really hard for you now, with forced deportations, and all this bullshit that our stupid government is trying to do at the moment, and trying to hide at the same that they are doing it… I just want you to know that don’t worry.

We now have proof that the government breaks the law (The 1951 Refugee Convention) and that their plan is to try scare Iraqi and Afghan people to leave the country, by forced deportations. The police puts electrical belts on people (illegal?) and refuse to give their names to the deportees, when asked. They also desperately try to hide from the public what they are doing… omg what idiots ? (sorry..you should not call someone an idiot.. I am just angry, that’s why, sorry :D) But we have an informed press, and of course, there are about 100 000 or more Finnish people who know you personally and know your stories. We know what is going on (and we are pretty angry about it, especially the sweet old ladies). There’s no way that the authorities can do this unnoticed and there is no way they can hide what they are doing. Finnish people will NOT accept this bullshit. I mean our own government is sending people to their deaths, and tries to cover it up. C’mon don’t be so stupid! You cannot do that in Finland!

Anyway, the racist politicians, who are behind this, also play you guys against each other. The system in Iraq is obviously made so that no one can trust anyone, and some people try to stay safe by trying to please the people in power. There is a network of lies and mistrust and computer hacking, the secret service and bullshit strategies, and all this kind of weird stuff. But guys: Finland doesn’t work like this! For real!

We have law and order that protects people. And here, people have the power, not the politicians! If the politicians do something stupid, like act racist or break international laws…(hmm..) we will not tolerate it; we will vote them out in next election.

So, I just wanted you to know that.

And keep doing what you do, focus on creating good stuff, connections, videos of your lives, so Finns see who you are. Write about your dreams, build yourselves a future, this kind of stuff.  Btw, at the demonstrations this weekend, let’s try to create good stuff, a good feeling.  And guys..try to trust each other and work together regardless of the horrible circumstances you had to learn to survive in Iraq. You really have to leave behind this Sunni-Shia fighting and learn to live in peace if you want to stay in this country. You gotta show people you can mend the wounds from the past and create peace. Btw we have seen you do it already.

We, the Finnish people, your friends, want you to stay here. We want you to get work, study, make a good life, live in safety, peace. We want you to be able to be happy and feel safe. Every human being deserves this.

So keep up the good work. Thank you.

Sending everybody lots of love.

This Facebook posting was reposted with permission.