MP Mauri Peltokangas is an example of the PS’ far-right rage and hateful narrative


Mauri Peltokangas is an MP for the Islamophobic Perussuomalaiset (PS)* part and a member of the Nazi-spirited Suomen Sisu association. In the hostile video below, the PS MP with close ties to neo-Nazi groups, uses the following terms to cry us a river about bringing to Finland 175 children from the Lesvos refugee camp.

If his invective monologue below lasts 2:36 minutes, it means that around every 20 seconds you hear the following words:

  • Shit (paska): 2 times
  • Fucked (perseestä): 2 times
  • What the hell, hell (mitä helevetti, helevetti): 2
  • The devil (perkele): 2

Are these the “lawmakers” that are supposed to look after our interests and bring security?

Source: Facebook.

Writes Al-Jazeera about the humanitarian crisis in Lesvos: “More than 18,300 asylum seekers currently live in and around Moria camp, a facility built to accommodate 2,200, according to the UNHCR. Tents and ad hoc structures are stacked close by on the hillsides, forming a makeshift city whose population is now the second largest on the island, after the capital Mytilini.”

Migrant Tales recently published a story of a refugee family in Lesvos.

“The toilets are a kilometer from their tent, and the journey there is dangerous because it is downhill and slippery when it rains,” said a relative of the family that now lives on Lesvos. “If you get to the toilet, you’ll find long lines with families with ten children waiting for their turn.”

But Peltokangas is defiant. He states in the video that there is no reason to bring 175 children from Lesbos because Greece “is a warm and secure EU country.”

Believe it or not, Peltokangas is a very popular politician in Finland, a country that tries to prize itself as a champion of human rights, social equality, and one of the best education systems in the world.

A warning from Germany: Far-right and populist rhetoric can turn into bullets



An analysis piece in the Guardian looked at the international and local links that lead to the deadly incidents that led to the deaths Tof nine people in Hanau, Germany at the hands of a far-right killer.

Patrik Hermansson of Hope Not Hate, a UK-based far-right monitoring group, correctly warns us again of the danger of toxic anti-immigration rhetoric by far-right and populist groups.

“Part of the problem is that until now the German security community doesn’t seem to have been very good at dealing with the situation,” said Hermansson. “In some cases, extremists have had links with the police and the military.”

According to the Guardian, British investors claim that there are links “between British, German, and Nordic far-right groups.”

In Finland, there are already direct links of the far-right in parliament through the Perussuomalaiset (PS)* party and Nazi-spirited association, Suomen Sisu nevermind neo-Nazi groups like the banned Nordic Resistance Movement (PVL) and Pohjoinen Perinne (Nordic Tradition Group).

Apart from the close ties between the PS and neo-Nazi groups, the Soldiers of Odin are another far-right group masquerading in our country with impunity.

Being white and with the help of institutional racism, groups like the police and military are in danger in Finland of underestimating the far-right threat with the help of denial and cultural wise tales.

Writes the Anti-Hate Crime Organization Finland: “Demonizing groups like Muslims and labeling them as ‘an invasive species’ by a PS MP or spreading fear about how white Finns will become a minority in their country is the same type of poison [of racism and hate] that [Chancellor Angela] Merkel warned.”

Hatred and even violent rhetoric against Muslims, people of color, Jews, and other visible minorities has not unfortunately subsided but picked up in Finland.

Finland must get a grip on the threat the far-right and populist parties pose to our way of life. If we do nothing or too little as now, we will only have ourselves to blame if Hanau-style terrorism strikes our society.

Iltalehti does it again: Spreading hatred and degrading asylum seekers


Finland’s tabloids, Iltalehti and Ilta-Sanomat, are part of the country’s racism and Islamophobia problem. Back in 2015, Ilta-Sanomat stated on a billboard that 10,000 “illegal refugees” will come to Finland.

This biased and racist journalism exposes how biased and unbalanced some Finnish media is.

In their ever-alarming way to boost sales, Iltalehti led a story with the following headline:

“This is how Finland prepares if a lot of illegal migrants cross the eastern border: ‘People can sleep safely,” Interior Minister Maria Ohisalo is quoted as saying.

The question: Are people crossing the eastern border “illegal migrants” or asylum seekers?

Read the original story (in Finnish) here.
See the original posting (in Finnish) here. Ila-Sanomat claims that “this year 10,000 illegal refugees will come to Finland.” Illegal refugees? No such thing. Source: Facebook.

Helsingin Sanomat plays down the far-right, claims it is “an essential part of democracy”



After almost a year after the Perussuomalaiset (PS)* almost pulled off the parliamentary elections of April, Finland’s larTHIgest daily, Helsingin Sanomat, treats the Islamophobic far-right party.

A story by Tommi Nieminen correctly points out that the violence called by some PS MPs is unacceptable but then blows his speak-out-against-the-far-right-with-one-hand-and-support-it-with-another with this statement:

Political protest movement – in which the Perussuomalaiset could be included – is an essential part of democracy.”

This sentence by Finland’s largest daily is the reason why Helsingin Sanomat plays down the threat of the PS in politics and society.

Read the full story (in Finnish) here.

How can a party like the PS, which wants Finland to trash its international agreements so that no Muslims and other people of color can enter the country, be good for democracy?

How can a party that believes in pseudosciences like eugenics support ethnonationalism?

How can a party that claims to be a group of lawmakers support its MPs who thank god for burning down a refugee center, dehumanizes asylum seekers as “an invasive species,” or incite people to criminal action by attacking such centers?

Instead of writing wishy-washy articles that play down the far right, why doesn’t Helsingin Sanomat write an editorial denouncing violence against migrants, minorities, women, and our Nordic way of life?

This is one of the big unanswered questions that Nieminen analysis exposes as well as the following: Why write now – almost 10 months after the parliamentary election – about this topic?

His answer? A Hollywood ending to our far-right and racism social ills will come when both sides will kiss and make up.

Migrant Tales has always understood the threat that parties like the PS pose on our society.

After the April 2011 election, when the PS scored their historic victory, raising the number of MPs from 5 to 39, we wrote: “Far-right populism is an illness inflicting Europe at present and it now has a beachhead in Finland.” 

Back then, our blog got cited by Time Magazine. The above quote was a response to PS chairman Timo Soini’s statement: “We [the PS] are not extremists so you can sleep safely.” Has Finland slept politically safely since 2011? I don’t think so.

Back before the 2011 election, Migrant Tales was one of the few blogs that openly questioned and warned about the rise of the PS in Finnish politics.

What the SAS Airline ad forgot to mention: Racism was also copied


Recently SAS Airline made a video about how everything Scandinavian is copied culturally. What the video forgot to tell us is that even if it copies everything, it is selective about what it copies.

Remember the story about a Muslim Swede called Aye Alhassani, who was told flat out that she would have to take off her hijab if she wanted to work as a flight attendant?

Read the full story here.

Certainly, the SAS ad did not mention this. It didn’t even mention how different Scandinavian and Nordic countries like Finland copied racism.

“Thank you, colonialism, for being one of the roots of our present-day racism,” the SAS ad should state.

But the ad is right: Everything in our culture, everyone’s culture, is copied.

All of the anti-immigration populist parties in the Nordic region have grown strongly and even been in government.

The Progress Party of Norway recently exited the government because a woman and her two sick al-Hol refugee camp children were brought for treatment to the country.

The Danish People’s Party suffered a big blow in the last election but has succeeded at turning Denmark into one of the most Islamophobic countries in Europe.

Finland and Sweden, both, supposedly, examples of Nordic social equality, have the far-right Sweden Democrats and Perussuomalaiset leading in opinion polls.

No, SAS, there are some things Scandinavia and Finland would have been better off not copying.

SAS Airline ad: What is truly Scandinavian? Absolutely nothing.



The far-right populists in Scandinavia like representatives of the Islamophobic Danish People’s Party are having a fit about a SAS Airline ad that was taken down because it said the truth about culture: everything is copied.

SAS said in a statement: “It is regrettable that the film is misunderstood, that some choose to interpret the message and use it for their own purpose.”

The good news? “We are now continuing the planned campaign, and we hope that it emphasizes the core message that travel enriches us,” the airline said.

One reason why far-right populist groups are going nuclear due to the ad is because it exposes their lies and fake nationalism.

The video asks what is truly Scandinavian?

The answer: “Absolutely nothing…Everything is copied.”

And continues: “Everytime we go beyond our borders we are colors, innovation, progress…[we] bring the best of everything to here…in a way Scandinavia was brought here piece by piece by everyday people whofound the best of our home awa from home.”

Helsingin Sanomat’s Saarikoski should seek facts and not rely on his prejudices


The tweet by Saksa Saarikoski of Helsingin Sanomat, Finland’s biggest daily, represents to the tee how our society has changed and become ever-suspicious of asylum seekers.

Finland’s interior minister, Maria Ohisalo, has correctly criticized the EU for its lame and disastrous asylum policy. The suggestion that Ohisalo wants to bring refugee minors from the island of Lesvos to Finland has – surprise, surprise – unleashed a torrent of debate.

Saarikoski’s tweet below picture well the integrity of the ongoing debate: “I understand that we must help children, but is a fast lane to bring 16-17-year-olds [to Finland] reasonable? Doesn’t that encourage a system where the child is sent first, and then the family arrives later? That puts children in harm’s way and to exploitation.”

Really, Saarikoski? Do you have any proof? Are all children sent to the EU aim to help their families come to the EU?

Erna Bodström gives Saarikoski an answer: “Hey Saska, if you want facts, why don’t you find out instead of tweeting without knowing [what you are talking about]? As a journalist, you have learned how to find facts.”

When a journalist at Finland’s largest daily makes such comments about asylum seeker minors, it reveals something worrying about our society: We are hostages to our racism and crippled to change our point of view.”

A dumb question: What the f**k is wrong if a person wants to migrate or flee violence for a better life and future?

What is wrong with these people who want to rob people of this right?

Exposing white Finnish privilege #69: Spreading racism and hatred the Iltalehti and PS way


Any sensible person, irrespective of his cultural and religious background, does not condone sexual harassment. Even so, the police and Iltalehti continue full steam ahead to blame Muslims for these types of crimes.

The blame game is so potent that we forget that most of the sexual harassment cases are committed by Finns. It is not a question of being a white Finn or a foreigner, but a serious issue that men have concerning women.

Moreover, the Iltalehti story does not tell us if these are convictions or how many tourists are suspects. It is all written in code: foreigner + sexual assault means Muslim in Finland.

In countries like Finland, publishing and spreading sexual harassment stories will get you far. If we look at the Oulu sexual harassment cases alone, they were like a lifesaver for the Islamophobic Perussuomalaiset (PS)*.

Jussi Halla-aho, the chairperson of the far-right Perussuomalaiset party, tweets: “Yeah, really in the Perussuomalaiset party wants a mutliethnic or cultural Finland, which is consistently in our party’s program and in our practical activities.” Source: Twitter.

The media and the police gave a lot of support to the PS’ fear-mongering in Oulu as did government parties like the National Coalition Party (Kokoomus) by spreading the same anti-Muslim racism. Today, Finland is being held hostage by a far-right party in parliament that is set on destroying our institutions and because it feels invincible.

The trick? Yell rape out loudly as you and blame migrants for all of the country’s problems.

Read the full story (in Finnish) here..


Why doesn’t the media and society, in general, get fed up with racist wise tales on a topic like sexual harassment?

One reason may be that our society has failed in challenging our racism and hatred. These types of social ills are fueled by our ignorance and fear, which in turn are spoon-fed populist quantities by parties like the PS.

If we look at our society, the forces of the far-right are challenging and mocking at us. It is a good matter that Finland is starting to wake up to this threat and slay the ogre back to where it came from, the gutter.

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