“Sheikki”-ninimen kansanedustaja kysyy kuka on “aito” suomalainen


Perussuomalainen kansanedustaja, Kristian “Sheikki” Laakso, kysyy kuka on “aito” suomalainen.

Onko “Sheikki” ns. aito suoalainen nimi? Sheikki on henkilö, joka on koraanin asiantuntija. Sheikki on sama kun imam.

Miten voit kutsua itsea “Sheikki”-nimellä jos vihat muslimeja kuten puoluesi, Perussuomalaiset?

Sinun selitykset aito suomalaisuudesta ovat sekavia ja naurettavia.

Muista yksi asi, Kristian Laakso: Ihmiset päätäävät keita ovat eikä asia kuuluu sinulle.

From Belle Selene Xia to Helena Puustinen and Joy Aalto and the Perussuomalaiset mindset


We read about Joy Aalto, a Perussuomalaiset (PS)* party member, who gave us 1 + 1 = 2 advice on becoming a Finn. If such a simplistic recipe for integration – learn Finnish and get a job – worked for her, that is fine, although I have my doubts.

Before reading on, this post is not against women from the Far East but to raise a question: Why does the PS believe that such women – not men – are acceptable foreigners?

Why don’t we see the PS empowering Somali and Muslim women?

Joh Aalto states that she became a Finn by learning the langauge and getting a job.

Let’s hope that Joy Aalto will not turn into a Helena Puustinen or house the opinions of former Helsinki deputy councilperson Belle Sene Xia, who wished death to members of the Falun Dafa religious sect.

So what did Helena Puustinen post?

Puustinen said that she would like to lock up Prime Minister Sanna Marin’s government in Auschwitz and devise “a better plan than Hitler” to, I suspect, exterminate the ministers of her cabinet.

Puustinen’s hostile rant did not spare asylum seekers. Dropping atomic bombs on them would do the job.

And who could forget Belle Selene Xia, who got sacked from the Helsinki PS for wishing that they kill members of the Falun Dafa religious sect?

Read the full story in Finnish here.

Before getting the boot, Helsinki PS municipal candidate Belle Selene Xia didn’t consider her former party racist or against migrats.

“They’re only people’s stereotypes against the Perussuomalaiset,” she said. “The Perussuomalaiset are strongly against racism. Moreover, the PS is in favor of labor immigration.”

Surprisingly, she changed her opinon after getting sacked from the Helsinki chapter of the party.

She then said that her foreign background played a role in her sacking.

KOTOUTUMINEN #12: Integration is as easy as 1 + 1 = 2. NOT!



Having taught many students about Finnish society for many years, two matters surprise me about this teaching line: Are the people giving these courses qualified and simple, 1 + 1 = 2, explanations to a complex matter as adaption.

If the integration model is overly simplistic, treat it with tweezers because its conclusions are suspect. Integration, adaption, or properly inclusion is a complex matter.

During my years as a teacher of these courses, I have requested material taught by other teachers. Not one white Finnish teacher has, however, has shared with me the material they teach newcomers about Finland.

I get the impression that the only requirement to teach newcomers about Finnish society is that you are a white Finn with some teaching background. Every white Finn knows what our culture is, right?

Telling newcomers about our society riddled with exceptionalism, ethnocentricm and even racism partly explain why, I suspect, that the majority of these people have no idea what kotoutuminen means or implies.

If you want an example of a 1 + 1 = 2 integration model, check out Perussuomalaiset (PS)* MP Kristian Sheikki Laakso’s tweet below, who affirms this is how you become a part of Finnish society.

Joy Aalto, who is a candidate for the upcoming municipal election in April for a party known for its hostile Islamophobic rants, gives us her recipe for integration:


QUOTE OF THE DAY: Islamophobia and xenophobia are our pacts with evil


The hate and fear of communism, especially to the end of World War 2, was the smoking gun that led to unimaginable crimes against humanity like the Holocaust. It also led to strange bedfellows alliances.

Thus the fear of communism gave you carte blanche to throw away your morals and even align yourself with evil. Even if some claim that the picture below with SS leader Heinrich Himmler and Finnish Marshall Karl Gustaf Mannerheim cordially about to drink a schnapps “is history,” it is nothing more than an example of how we threw our morals into the dustbin and aligned ourselves with evil.

Today, we are in the same predicament: If communism and anti-Semitism were the scapegoats that permitted us to make a pact with evil, Islamophobia and xenophobia are today the smoking guns.

On Friday, we celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Nuremberg Trials. It was the first time that war criminals were brought before justice and tried for crimes against humanity.

Captain Gustave Mark Gilbert, the Army psychologist at the Nuremberg trials (1945-46), said that the Nazi war criminals on the dock had a common characteristic. “Evil, I think, is the absence of empathy,” he said.

Finland’s Islamophobic party, the PS, is a huge fan of Donald Trump and authoritarianism



There is one clear message from the tweets and picture below with Perussuomalaiset (PS)* MPs Jussi Halla-aho, Mike Niikko, Vilhelm Junnila and Veikko Vallin: THEY LOVE TRUMP.

How could the PS fall for a man like outgoing US President Donald Trump who has no respect for the rule of law (unless it benefits him) and refuses the outcome of the election result he squarely lost?

Reporter Mehdi Hasan synthesizes to Ivanka Trump who outgoing US President Donald Trump is:

Should we be surprised that the PS is the only party in parliament openly supporting Trump and other autocrats in Hungary and Poland?

Not really considering that the PS is a similar type of party with little regard for democracy and human rights.

Ville Tavio is the head of the Perussuomalaiset parliamentary group. In the tweet above he shows his “love” for Poland’s de facto ruler Jarosław Kaczyński and Hungarian Prime Minister and strongman Viktor Orbán. Source: Twitter

Language is key to changing the way we debate cultural diversity. It is a powerful weapon that xenophobes fear.


Language and how people are labeled are some of the reasons why racism and anti-immigration politicians have exerted power on the national debate on our ever-growing cultural diversity. If we did away with these toxic terms, which label people as eternal outsiders, matters would change radically.

First and foremost in the debate, we should dispense with words that label and group people as outsiders. By labeling people as outsiders, like the term person with a foreign or migrant background,”

For this reason, we need a bold and innovative approach to how we perceive ourselves as a society and what Finnish identity is. That discussion must happen now.

With all the hate and hidden messages that portray and frame Others in our society, the debate would clean up pretty fast since we would change from referring to people as Finns or as one of us.

If our society is open and encourages equity, the langauge we use to label Others should reflect it.

Debate about youth crime by so-called “people of migrant background” is a good example why we need to use more inclusive language that respects difference.

So, what terms could we use when referring to non-white Finns? The labels they want us to use like AfroFinn, brown Finn, Somali Finn, etc. White Finns should stop placing unilateral ethnic categories on people of different backgrounds.

One way of changing the way we debate difference and cultural diversity is by not using terms that group people as outsiders.

Two PS Youth members convicted of ethnic agitation


Former Perussuomalaiset (PA)* Youth deputy chairperson Toni Jalonen and Johannes Sipola, the former chairperson Johannes Sipola were sentenced by a Pirkanmaa District Court fines for ethnic agitation, according to YLE News.

Jalonen, who announced in February that he is “an ethnonationalist, traditionalist, and a fascist,” was slapped with a 50-day fine (300 euros) for ethnic agitation. Likewise, Sipola, who blamed the Christchurch, New Zealand killings of Muslims in March 2019 on multiculturalism, was given a 40-day fine (240 euros) for ethnic agitation.

The convictions came after images were published on social media. One of them had a picture of a black couple looking at their baby lovingly, with the text: “Vote for the Perussuomalaiset so that Finland’s future won’t look like this.”

The other racist ad was a picture of two women wearing niqabs with a warning: “Do you want our country to look like this? Don’t stay sleeping. Vote.”

The tweet and Facebook postings cost the PS Youth dearly. They first lost 115,000 euros of funding from the ministry of education and then saw their association dissolved.

Toni Jalonen living in his fascist alternate reality world.

Miksi paha leviää niin helposti?


Tämän kuvan alt-attribuutti on tyhjä; Tiedoston nimi on sputnik-news-1.jpg

Pohjanmaalaiset kauppiaat saavat vuosikausia rauhassa levittää juutalaisvihaa. He saavat kunnan ja kauppakamarin huomionosoituksia ja heitä juhlitaan kunniakansalaisina, koska he tekevät paljon rahaa ja tuovat kuntaan veroeuroja.

Natsituotteiden kauppaajat palkitaan vientipalkinnoilla ja kutsutaan itsenäisyyspäivänä linnan juhliin, koska heillä on niin onnistunut konsepti.

Pahan levittäminen onnistuu monella tavalla rahan varjossa. Menestyneillä yrittäjillä on paljon tuttavia, jotka mielellään viittaavat kintaalla pienille tahroille ystävänsä julkisuuskuvassa, ”kun se muuten on niin hyvä tyyppi”. Hyvä natsityypit saavat vaalirahoituksensa yritysmaailmasta. Hyvä veli -järjestelmä pitää yllä myös pedofiilirinkejä.

Muukalaisvihaa levittävät poliitikot pääsevät usein ns. vastuullisessa mediassa julkisuuteen ja vuodesta toiseen yhä paremmassa valossa. Kaupallinen yhteisö, kauppakamarit ja herraklubit lienevät huomanneet, että taustalla liikkuu iso raha. Media taas kerää klikkauksia ja niiden myötä mainostuloja – ja omia palkkojaan. Moraalilla tai eettisesti hyvällä toimittamisella ei silloin ole merkitystä.

Tällaiseen ajattelutapaan sopii hyvin myös se, että ulkomaalaiset rikoksentekijät tuomitaan suuriäänisesti ja heidät ollaan heti lahtaamassa tai vähintään poistamassa maasta. He tai heidän vanhempansa eivät ole kenenkään liikekumppaneita. Heillä on väärä ulkomuoto ja ihonväri, heitä ja heikäläisiä kohtaan sopii kiinnittää kielteistä huomiota.

Omista rikollisista toki pidetään huolta, rikosten teko johtuu omien kohdalla vain huonosta tuurista.

Tämän kuvan alt-attribuutti on tyhjä; Tiedoston nimi on sputnik-news.jpg
Kuva: Sputnik News, Syyrian pakolaisia

Tällä menolla ei kestä kauankaan, kun suurimmat pelkomme jälleen toteutuvat.