The suspects of one of Finland’s worst hate crimes in 2020 may face charges in early June


Remember the young Muslim who was violently attacked by a gang of white Finns in June in the Western Finnish town of Teuva? According to Fares Al-Obaidl, the police plan to conclude their investigations into the crime in early June.

What happened to Al-Obaidl last year changed his life. He moved away to Espoo to receive professional help to overcome the trauma of what happened. He takes anti-depressants.

“I was a victim of a [violent] crime and it seems that nobody is interested,” he said complaining about the length of the police investigation.

His ordeal began on a Saturday. Fares was first insulted by a group of residents from the town of Teuva and then chased by two cars on the road. Two other cars blocked the road ahead of him and had no choice but to drive the car into a ditch.

Fares tried to run away from his attackers, but it was to no avail. He was beaten so badly by them that he ended up being taken by an ambulance to a hospital in Seinäjoki.

Fares Al-Obaidl’s car after it was vandalized. The police have not ruled out a hate crime. Source: Facebook


Migrant Tales Literary: Canary of light


By Dana

قناری آی قناریها برایم آواز بخوانید چون من اسیر دست فنلاندم، گرفتارم در یک قفس در بندماین قفس جنس آتشی دارد، بی نور و پنجره، نگهبان و پلیس های زشت وحشی و پا پتی دارد.

فنلاند کشور سیاهچاله هاست، کشور شکنجه و قحطی و درد و مرگ و بلاست.
من در این کشور بدام افتادم، بالهایم را شکستند و پاهایم را به میله های آهنی بستند

Migri (The Finnish Immigration Service) offered these types of videos to newcomers here. Were they effective or a total failure?

قناریها آی قناریها بخوانید از ملکوت و پر شور برای دانای عزیز خدا
من عشق خدا هستم و خدا از دوری من دلتنگ و پر از خشم و بی پروا

 آخ ایمان یک لحظه دستم را رها کرد، من با سر به عمق جهنم افتادم
فرشته هایم نالان و گریان شدند من از امنیت بی نظیر خود جدا ماندم

قناری آی قناریها بخوانید برای این زندانی زخمی و بی کس و تنهانمیخواهم زبان فنلاندی را بشنوم از میان میله های تیغ پر این آتش و گرما

این زبان لعنت و نفرین و نکبتی را ز مغز هوشیار من بیرون کنید
با زبان شیرین و دل نواز و حیرت انگیز فارسی با منامروز گفتگو کنید

من فقط پرنده های بهشتی را میخواهم فقط ققنوسهای رحمت و نجات
خداست تنها معبود و دوست و یارم, اوست یگانه و جاوید و ناب

ذهنم پر از ترانه های زیبای آسمانیست اما در قفس در خون و عذابم
خدا ای کاینات گلویم خشک خشک است و خفه, محتاج قطره ایآبم

Canary of Light  

Canaries O canaries Sing to me because I am in the hands of Finland, I am trapped in a cage
This cage is made of fire, has no door and windows but wild and barefoot cops and guards with ugly face 

Finland is a country of black holes, a country of torture, famine, pain, disaster and death 
I was trapped in this country, my wings were broken, my legs were tied to iron bars, i have no rest !

Canaries O canaries, sing about the kingdom and passion for Dana which is dear to GOD king of kings
I am the love of God and God is sad, angry and fearless because of his distance from me, Dana is in pains


Racism is treated lightly by the Finnish police, according to Yle


Racist treatment and ethnic profiling are a stain on the police. Worse yet, denial and playing down such serious problems ensure a bigger stain on the police. If you want to know about racism in the Finnish police, why not ask Finland’s Romany minority and other visible minorities like blacks.

The headline by Yle News, “Police rarely punished after complaints over racism,” speaks volumes about the problem. If racism is a problem in the Finnish police, why has so little been done to address this issue?

Certainly, minorities pay taxes and those taxes go to funding the police, who work for such people.

Read the full story here.

It should not come as a surprise why the credibility of the police among some minorities is low. The more the police deny these types of problems and do little to nothing about them, the more it will eat away its credibility.


The Perussuomalaiset now call migrants “cheap labor”


The Perussuomalaiset (PS)* party’s hatred for migrants goes through the same path but the accusations and labeling vary. About ten years ago migrants were rapists, after 2015 when a record number of asylum seekers came to Finland, they were “social welfare surfers.” Today, the PS calls migrants “dumb” who want to work for lower wages.

Finland’s integration program is full of contradictions.

As in the previous years, the PS makes up labels constantly. It never has anything positive to say about migrants except to repeat its favorite word: maahanmuuttajat (immigrant), maahanmuuttajat, maahanmuuttajat

Here is the question: Why would anyone want to get paid lower wages for work? If people are getting paid less, aren’t they possibly being exploited?

Certainly, migrants that move to Finland and enter the labor market must follow the law. Unions have a special role in protecting the rights of these migrants at the workplace.

The problem, however, is that exploitation and crime in Finland pays. Since few are looking after the rights of migrants, never mind the PS, it is a bit similar to throwing these people to their own luck.

In plain English, Finland does too little address the exploitation of migrants in the labor market.

Maybe migrants would learn a thing or two if integration courses would tell them how they are vulnerable to exploitation instead of giving exceptionalist explanations about how Finland is a country of gender equality.

Labeling migrants disrespectfully as “cheap labor” by the PS is placing all the blame on such people and letting underhanded employers off the hook.

The “Anozation” of Rural Finland: populism, white nationalism, white extremism, iliberal democracy, and anti-science



As a person living in the rural South Savo region of Finland, MP Ano Turtiainen of Juva is a warning for Finland. On the one hand, you have big urban centers like Helsinki and surroundings, Turku and Tampere and on the other depopulated and graying rural Finland, where populism, white nationalism, white extremism, iliberal democracy, and anti-science are spreading roots.

Juva is a small town of about 6,000 inhabitants where 32% of the population is over 65 years. On the town’s main street, it isn’t uncommon to see hardly any young people in a backdrop of pensioners walking about with the help of their rollators.

According to Yle, the PS is predicted to have the best showing in municipalities that are losing the demographic vitality, where young people are moving away and in which the population is graying.


Migrant Tales Literary: God, my commander


By Dana

Alone, solo and it is hard to fight, O GOD
Yes, in the depths of darkness and dancing is pain O GOD

GOD Tearing under the clutches of enemies and slavery
It is hard to roll in blood and be silent and shut up, O GOD

GOD suffocates the songs of the heart and smiles?
Yes, smiling at demons is suffering,O O O GOD

GOD, I am an eagle, a masterpiece of your hand
Oops WaWeila, living like a dead crow is poison. Oh GOD

I became shattered, this spirit and soul became thousands of pieces
Yes, every drop of my blood is the sound of war, O GOD

I am brave, I am made of light, my wings are the color of mercy and compassion
My gaze is fiery and I am not afraid, I am proud, O GOD

You are fighting next to me, you are the solution of my work, you are the king of the world
I have no one but you, but my cry is you, O GOD

Justice is the cure for this soul and heart
Judge, judge all the dishonorable, O GOD

Put your whip on Finland and force, FORCE FORCE
Take the oppressor under your feet, O GOD

You are the commander, you are the master the owner of the whole world
I call you with the smallest particle of my body and soul, have mercy, mercy O GOD

تک و تنها و جنگیدن سخت است ای خدا
خدا در عمق تاریکی و رقصیدن درد است ای خدا

خدا پاره شدن در زیر چنگ دشمنان و بردگی
به خون غلتیدن و سکوت و بستن دهان سخت است سخت است ای خدا

خدا آوازهای دل را خفه کردن و لبخند؟ 
بله لبخند زدن بر روی دیوان زجر و زجر است ای خدا


Is there a difference between former and present Perussuomalaiset members?


Some of the persons promoting racism, violence, and Hungarian-Orbán-style rule in Finland are former and present Perussuomalaiset (PS)* members. The only difference between these two types of PS supporters is their incitement of violence and racism.

James Hirvisaari, who was sacked from the party after he took a picture of a friend giving a Nazi salute in parliament, is the aide of MP Ano Turtianen, who got the boot from the PS parliamentary group last year and who got ejected in February from the Islamophobic white-nationalist party.

Hirvisaari tweeted a poll about what punishment should be handed to the state prosecutor if found guilty of persecuting white nationalists and Finland’s Christian society.

His solution:

Death by hanging

Death by injection

Electric chair

In Finland we also have our crazies.