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Marianne Kiukkunen is no “Amazon” but a sad example of how low the police service has lowered the bar

Finland’s fascination with hardline nationalists and bigots continues unabated. Police official Marianne Kiukkunen was interviewed on the Enbuske, Veitola and Salminen (EVS-ohjelma) talk show and introduced by the host as an “Amazon” superwoman, the very embodiment of white privilege. Her appearance on the show and her comments are examples of how low the police has lowered the bar.

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Racist garbage called MV-lehti magazine, Hommaforum and Magneettimedia

Migrant Tales doesn’t usually comment about the extremist racist garbage published in Finland by online publications like MV-lehti, Hommaforum, and Magneettimedia. All of these websites have one matter in common: they write and cater to a racist audience.

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