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Humane treatment of asylum seekers – case Kolari reception center

Many of us have read about recent events at the Kolari asylum reception center in northern Finland. Considering that the far-flung reception center is located in the middle of nowhere 80km north of the Arctic Circle, one could ask what is more important: the well-being of its asylum seekers, or regional policy to keep Finland populated?

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Kirje Suomalaisille Kolarin vastaanottokeskuksesta – A letter to Finns from the Kolari asylum reception center

Hyvät Kolarilaiset ja Suomalaiset,

Olemme pakolaisia ja asumme Kolarin vastaanottokeskuksessa jossa oli rauhanomainen mielenosoitus keskiviikkona. Jotkut, joka ovat lukeneet mitä tapahtui keskiviikkona Lapin Kansasta, väittävät että olimme tehnet mielenosoituksen koska vihamme suomalaisia. Väite ei voisi olla kauempana totuudesta.

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What’s going on at the Kolari, Finland, asylum reception center?

There’s been a lot of news as of late from the small town of Kolari, where the location of Finland’s northernmost asylum center is. If I were forced to live there, I would probably go crazy too.

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Two videos and a picture of the protest by asylum seekers at the Kolari reception center in Finland

Some 120 asylum seekers at the Kolari asylum reception center in Lapland took part in a protest today to demand better treatment. “Today it went well,” an asylum seeker told Migrant Tales. “Everyone was outside protesting, even children, except for four people.” One resident described the camp was like being “in a living hell.” Kolari

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The 1 + 1 = 2 types who post racist comments

Who can understand the logic of people who post racist things and exercise a very basic 1+1=2 argument? Some of these are reactions to a recent blog posting on Migrant Tales, The Kolari, Finland, asylum reception center “is a living hell.”

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