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Green Party candidate Ali Giray: Respect can take you a long way

Ali Giray is a Green Party candidate from Joensuu who is running for parliament. After living 22 years in Finland, he still gets harassed because of his background. His campaign has been a target of near-constant vandalism and harassment. Despite these setbacks, Giray doesn’t plan to throw in the towel.

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City of Joensuu: Challenging and beating intolerance one step at a time

Our reaction to intolerance in Finland has paid off. At least it did for me late-Friday night in downtown Joensuu when I was about to parallel park my car.  Thanks to associations like JoMoni working in close cooperation with local authorities like ELY-keskus, Joensuu have challenged intolerance. In many respects, it’s like the success of

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Joensuu, Finland, launches anti-racism campaign

Kansainvälinen Mikkeli got a message on Facebook from Alain Miguet, who does a lot of good work against racism in Joensuu in eastern Finland. Here is the message in Finnish:

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