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Camtu Suhonen: How discrimination destroys academic careers

Discrimination is a disease that plagues many organizations and often causes more damage to the organization such as profit loss, economical issues, and natural disasters. This is because discrimination destroys the people who make up the organization and causes damages irreparable by money or promotion. Career paths and patterns are things most affected by such a plague because they damage people mentally, emotionally, and socially. If a person is mentally and emotionally damaged by discrimination, this person becomes paralyzed and unable to function properly within the organization. Also, socially, victims experience role malfunction and resort to isolation for comfort rather than ask for help from colleagues.

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Cecile Kyenge: Italy’s first-ever black minister

The appointment of Italy’s first black cabinet minister, Cecile Kyenge, 48, is a good example that we can pull together on a difficult issue like race for too many European countries. Kyenge’s appointment has ushered in a new era in Italy politics. Even so, her appointment has exposed in the raw the nation’s ugly race

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Spiegel International Online: Italy Killings Underscore European Extremism Problem

The murders of African street vendors by a right-wing extremist writer in Florence have shocked Italy. Questions are now emerging about whether the gunman acted alone. But one thing seems certain, he was close to a right-wing radical group that has a pop culture appeal admired even by Germany’s neo-Nazis.

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YLE in English: Supo looks into possible Finnish connection to Florence shooter

The Finnish Security Intelligence Service (Supo) is taking an interest in the racist shooting in Florence. The shooter, who killed two African immigrant street traders, belonged to a far-right organisation that also has Finnish members.

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Far-right anti-immigration killing in Italy

A far-right anti-immigration sympathizer of neo-fascist association CasaPound shocked Italy today when he shot dead two Senegalese street vendors in Florence before taking his life, according to the

Read on » Italian girl’s rape claim sparks arson attack on Gypsy camp

A 16-year-old Italian girl whose claim that she was raped by Gypsies prompted a furious mob to launch an arson attack on a Turin Roma camp has admitted to police that she invented her story.

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Dear Anti-Immigration groups

My great grandfather was a refugee from Italy. I admire and respect him so much that I gave one of my sons his first name. I have lived in many countries as an immigrant and I am proud of this as well.

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Pakolainen-lehden pääkirjoitus: Dublin-asetus täyshuoltoon

Turvapaikanhakemusten tutkintavelvollisuutta EU-maissa määrittävä Dublin-asetus joutaa täyshuoltoon.

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