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Helsingin Sanomat:* Väkivalta on aina väärin – silloinkin, kun tekijä on lapsi

Kaikissa kouluissa on nollatoleranssi kiusaamiselle sekä useita hankkeita sen ehkäisemiseksi ja osallisuuden lisäämiseksi. Hankkeet jäävät kuitenkin tehottomiksi, jos koteja ei saada niihin mukaan.

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Neo-Nazis and the Perussuomalaiset: Where do they and we draw the line?

A year has elapsed after a Moroccan went on the rampage on August 18 and started attacking people indiscriminately with a knife in the southwestern city of Turku. Two people were killed and 10 were wounded.  On the anniversary of the stabbing, which is seen by the authorities as Finland’s first modern terrorist attack, three far-right

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Just call them the New Perussuomalaiset and Old Perussuomalaiset

As politicians like MP Simon Elo try to assure us of their questionable political credentials after he and nineteen others ditched the Perussuomalaiset (PS)* party on June 13,  the new party’s name, which has changed three times in less than two months, is nothing more than a snow job. 

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