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YLE’S Spotlight: Finland’s PS links to the Finnish Defense League

How are we supposed to react to the following news: A number of Perussuomalaiset (PS) party membersbelong to the far-right and anti-Islam Finnish Defense League (FDL)? The story, which was scooped by Yle’s Swedish-language program Spotlight adds that these PS members with ties to the FDL belong as well to the extremist Suomen Sisu association.

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Islamization and Islamophobia in Europe and Finland

There was a letter to the editor in Saturday’s Mikkeli-based Länsi-Savo about the Islamization of Europe, while Time magazine asks in its August front cover if America is Islamophobic? The two headlines, although from vastly different publications, shed in my opinion light on how some Europeans and USAmericans see Islam: a threat or over-reaction.

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