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Junes Lokka’s “racist” and “Nazi clown” case: Court sends clear message who has racist immunity in Finland

When white people decide what is racism and what the boundaries are, they mess up and make matters worse for migrants, minorities and Others. What are we supposed to make out of this? A well-known anti-immigration activist with ties to neo-Nazi and Islamophobic groups is called in a closed Facebook group by a journalist “a

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Oulu mosque vandalized for the ninth time

The Oulu mosque was vandalized Tuesday for the ninth time since September 2017, according to Dr Abul Mannan, who heads the Islamic Society of Northern Finland. The police said in a statement the attack took place at 5:10 am when a suspect smashed a window with a bike rack and threw a smoke grenade inside the premises.  The fire department was called as well. 

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A letter from Rashid H., the Pakistani migrant who was brutally attacked by three white Finnish youths. Where is justice?

Dear friend,

Even if the district court and court of appeal did not accept what happened to me was a hate crime, I feel today desperate and abandoned. When I was in the hospital with 30 stab wounds, fractured skull and other life-threatening injuries caused by three white Finnish youths, I felt forsaken. Not one person from the government or any newspaper cared to contact me.

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