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The real victims of Glev Simanov’s videotapes are the minors he filmed and published without permission on social media

Remember the bus driver that videotaped only Somalis and accused them without any proof of bumming a ride? Remember when he published without permission his racist treatment of them on social media? Gleb Simanov got fired the same week but in August Onnibus, a bus company, hired him.  

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Wednesday was a good day for racism in Finland: Pia Kauma and Gleb Simanov

Wednesday was a good day for racism in Finland. National Coalition Party (NCP) substitute MP Pia Kauma, who accused migrant women three years ago of demanding social welfare to buy new baby carriages, took over as MP after Alexander Stubb took started his tenure at the European Investment Bank (EIB).

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Finland’s culturally diverse community must point out and scorn our Uncle Toms

What does it say about our society when second-generation children of migrants join far-right groups that spew racism? We have a few of them in Finland like Gleb Simanov and the even more notorious types like Junes Lokka, Marco de Wit, and Miki Sileoni. 


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Finland’s far right cowardice and bravado. Why do they hide behind fake names and spread fake news?

Gleb Simanov, the fired bus driver who thought it was a good idea to post racist videos of his customers and published them on a far-right website managed by Paavo Tajukangas (a fake name), is a perfect example of cowardice and bravado.

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The fired bus driver who seeks fame with his racist videos will end up forsaken, jobless

Racism is a sickness, and as a disorder, it has consequences for the victim and the perpetrator. We learned about a bus driver and Peurssuomalaiset (PS)* politician called Gleb Simonov, who thought up the “bright” idea to videotape and insult only Somalis in three videos that he posted.  

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