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Lieksa, Finland, continues to be a thorn in Pohjois-Karjala’s side

Lieksa is a troubled city in the eastern Finnish region of Pohjois-Karjala. We have read too many stories on Migrant Tales and the Finnish media about the racism that has struck the city after some 250 immigrants mostly from Somalia moved there. Joensuu-based Karjalainen reported Monday that an immigrant’s car had been vandalized on Sunday

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Ilta-Sanomat billboard (lööppi) from February 5, 1997

Migrant Tales publishes on and off Finnish tabloid ads* (lööppi in Finnish) from the 1990s. Taking into account that Finland’s immigrant population started to grow during that decade, it is easy at least through some of the main stories of tabloids like Ilta-Sanomat and Iltalehti to see how some of them reflected our xenophobic, prejudiced, racist or anti-Russian views.

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YLE’S Spotlight: Finland’s PS links to the Finnish Defense League

How are we supposed to react to the following news: A number of Perussuomalaiset (PS) party membersbelong to the far-right and anti-Islam Finnish Defense League (FDL)? The story, which was scooped by Yle’s Swedish-language program Spotlight adds that these PS members with ties to the FDL belong as well to the extremist Suomen Sisu association.

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