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Nobody in Finland seems too concerned about the ever-xenophobic and hostile climate against asylum seekers, migrants and minorities

Prime Minister Juha Sipilä of Finland when he announced in September that he would offer his home to asylum seekers but has now put on hold such plans due to security reasons, reports the BBC. What is surprising is that nobody seems to care too much why it’s no longer safe to house asylum seekers in the prime minister’s home in Kempele.

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Finland’s wishful thinking of populism and racism

Compared with four or six years ago, the level of xenophobia and anti-immigration sentiment has reached fever pitch. There is so much news against asylum seekers and our ever-growing culturally diverse community that it’s on some weeks difficult to keep up with what is being said.

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BOX STORY: Mohammed Saleh Muhsin

Mohammed Saleh Muhsin, 26, is one of the many thousands of young Iraqi asylum seekers that came to Finland in the fall. Like many of his countrymen, he too speaks of the violence and strife strangling Iraq.  He spoke to Migrant Tales about his treatment at two of Luona’s reception centers. “I arrived on September 23

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