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Pictures from the Kolari asylum reception center in Finland

Migrant Tales understands that the authorities of the Kolari asylum reception center are annoyed at a story that was published in this blog about the center. The biggest gripe that the asylum seekers had was the manager, who allegedly treats the inhabitants with disrespect and threatens them that they won’t get a residence permit.  One resident

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Racism, bigotry, ultranationalism, neo-Nazism are nothing more than ourselves staring back at us from a mirror

Why aren’t we surprised and shocked by what we see today in Europe? Populism, racism, bigotry, ultranationalism, isolationism, and fascism spread thanks to the media and the tacit support of many who nod in approval and silence. Colonialism, wars, and exploitation of non-white Europeans through slavery are some of the windfall profits that gave us our present standard of living, populism, fascism and bigotry.

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