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Finland should stop capitulating to racist far-right groups like Finland First and others

The police service informed the #RighttoLive camp, which has been demonstrating against the Finnish Immigration Service’s unfair asylum policies and deportations since February, to disband from the Central Railway Square by 7 pm Friday. The order was given five days after the far-right Suomi ensin (Finland First) demonstration was obliged to leave the Central Railway Square on Monday.

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The flimsy bridge that bonds MV and Soldiers of Odin is racist hatred

MV is a racist trash “publication” that that steals stories and rewrites them to fit its racist world. Its “editor”, Ilja Janitski, who else but a fugitive from the law. One of the crimes that MV commits over again is that it defames people and exposes them to hate-vigilante groups like the Soldiers of Odin. In other words, MV incites racism and ethnic agitation.

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Finland’s blind spot of racism will persist for as long as we play dead and tango with it

National Coalition Party (NCP) Interior Minister Paula Risikko is a pretty questionable politician. She is deplorable for a number of reasons: spreads suspicion of asylum seekers and migrants and doesn’t care to distinguish what is a far-right anti-immigration group like Suomi Ensin (Finland First).

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