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THE LONG READ: Dr Jeevana Subasinghe – How inappropriate behavior and discrimination happen at a health center and higher education in Finland

For the past four years, Sri Lankan-Finnish dentist Jeevana Subasinghe has experienced multiple forms of inappropriate behavior and discrimination by his employer at the Porvoo Municipal Health Center. But the treatment and discrimination he allegedly claims bring to light a wider systemic problem that affects some Finnish dentists as well.

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ANTI-HATE CRIME ORGANISATION STATEMENT: You should not generalize and label all migrants

STATEMENT 5.2.2019 Suomen viharikosvastainen yhdistys ry Finska Anti-Harbrottsorganisation rf Anti-Hate Crime Organisation Finland   The news about the sexual assault cases in the northern Finnish city of Oulu have shocked everyone irrespective of the person’s cultural and religious background. Even so, in racializing the problem and debating whether sexual abuse is linked to a person’s

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