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Iraqi asylum seeker FS: Deportation countdown begins

The police service in Seinjäjoki, a city located 30km from the Finnish Emigrant Museum of Peräseinäjoki, told a young Iraqi asylum seeker on Monday of his third rejections for asylum by the supreme district court and has two choices: To return “voluntarily” or “by force” to Iraq.

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Facebook: “We won’t send you back to a hell called Iraq,” writes Kerstin Ögård

Hi guys

I just had this thought that to do something about our “murderer-government” (:D :D) we really need you Iraqi people to not work against each other. There is so much suspicion and lies and mistrust…some people working together with OUR government(??), giving them information just so people save their own asses—guys, this country does not work that way! 🙂 ( I understand everybody just do what you need to do, to stay safe..I am not judging, I understand this…)

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A Finnish asylum policy that is doomed to fail

It’s been well over a year since tens of thousands of asylum seekers came to Finland from countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and others. An important watershed in the history of these asylum seekers took place in May, when an assessment by the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) saw parts of countries like Iraq are safe to return asylum seekers.

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Iraqi asylum seeker being put on plane and deported today

Migrant Tales has learned of a new deportation today at around 7 pm Tuesday from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, according to a video below posted on social media sites.  “This terrifies me because it proves to me that human rights don’t apply to us,” an asylum seeker said. “You really don’t know where you’ll be in Finland

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