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A message from Ali, who was deported to Kabul, Afghanistan, from Finland

A thirty-year-old  Afghan asylum seeker who was deported from Finland three months ago got in touch with me Thursday morning. His messages on Messenger were simple but behind them were evident uncertainty and anxiety. We spoke in Finnish by phone later in the afternoon. Ali had learned a lot of Finnish in the two and a half years he waited unsuccessfully for a residence permit. 

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Prime Minister Juha Sipilä fuels Finland’s hostile environment for migrants

While I was not surprised by Prime Minister Juha Sipilä’s comments about migration and the rise of the far right in YLE’s Ykkösaamu talk show, the interview offers a good example of how his government continues to fuel Finland’s hostile environment for migrants.  According to Adrian Berry, a leading UK immigration lawyer, defined in in The Guardian, the

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An active citizen needs to learn at school about two crucial matters: empathy and social activism

If we look at history and today’s Europe and globally, it becomes clear that most people who went to school that too many never learned about empathy and social activism. A positive example of the latter is Elin Ersson, who refused to take a seat on a flight before they removed an Afghanistan deported asylum seeker off the plane. 

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