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Argentina’s issues with whitewashing and genocide. Like the crimes committed during the dirty war, they too should be addressed.

When I was young, I remember very well the racism of the Argentines. A friend of mine from Rosario highlighted this racism in the following example: An porteño (a resident of the capital Buenos Aires) told his friends that he was going to travel to South America as if Buenos Aires was surrealistically still a part of Europe. 

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Nunca más: 24 de marzo de 1976 y Rodolfo Walsh

Este 24 de marzo, conmemorando a esta fecha infame en la historia argentina, dedico este humilde escrito  a Rodolfo Walsh quien murió un día después del primer aniversario de la dictadura militar de Jorge Rafael Videla.  Aquí publicamos su “Carta abierta a la Junta militar en 1977, al cumplirse un año del golpe de Estado

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Human Rights 101 (Argentine dirty war style)

I’ve taught students the UN Declaration of Human Rights. Some had never heard of it. I had heard of it but never understood its meaning until one April overcast day in 1977 when I was arrested and thrown into a police cell. What happened to me on that Saturday afternoon changed my life permanently.   During

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