Facebook Soldiers of Odin: Asylum seeker and migrant hunting season have kicked off…


Far-right vigilante group Soldiers of Odin want to take the law in their hands by hunting pedophiles. After a bla-bla-bla Finnish macho rant, one of the vigilante members takes a club and starts threatening suspected “paedophiles,” which is a word used to mean asylum seekers. The masked vigilante warns in the video: “Pedophiles and raunchy [asylum seekers/migrants?] hey, welcome to dating with us, we guarantee that dating is memorable! And hey, don’t worry, we don’t call the police. [Then the speaker approaches the camera in a threatening manner with a club in his hand].”

Remember when these types of vigilante groups started to appear in Finland in 2016? One of the conditions that the police gave to such vigilante groups was that they cannot take the law in their hands.

It is not the first time that the Soldiers of Odin have used weapons in their posts.

I have notified Facebook administrators about this post that encourages violence.

The PS is a far-right, populist party that hopes to strike election gold with the sexual assault cases of Oulu by migrants


Imagine a political party that jumps for joy when migrants are suspected of sexual assault like in the case of Oulu. Imagine a party that taps into voters’ Islamophobia, xenophobia and hatred to get votes. Imagine a party that aims at relegating migrants and minorities to second-class members of society with the help of lies and fake news. 

It should not come to any surprise that we are talking about the far-right Perussuomalaiset* and Blue Reform, which split from the mother party in 2017 after Jussi Halla-aho was elected the new chairperson. Halla-aho was convicted in 2012 for ethnic agitation and breaching the sanctity of religion.

The difference between the PS and Blue Reform is that the former has come out of the closet with its racism while the other one is in the closet.

According to the Helsingin Sanomat, the PS plans to cut state spending by 2 billion euros if they are in government.

Halla-aho said as well that he sees the PS becoming Finland’s largest party.


Read the full story (in Finnish) here.

While the PS becoming Finland’s largest party is a pipe dream, the PS’ constant vilification of migrants and minorities only serves to tell us that we are not liked by some. But that is fine because it is a call for people who oppose such rhetoric to rise up and challenge its racist ideology.

Apart from ending subsidies to the wind power sector, the party wants to lower social welfare costs to people of immigrant origin by 1 billion euros.


Finland’s problematic ties with Nazi Germany and Finns who served in the SS


What is more shameful? The atrocities we committed or covering up those atrocities? 

One of the matters that surprised me when I was writing for a number of publications from Finland like the Financial Times, was how its geopolitical isolation helped it to cover up some unpleasant facts about itself. Its isolation gave it a free hand to write history to avoid it answering unpleasant things like its alliance with Nazi Germany in World War 2. 

One of these unpleasant episodes of its history, which have gathered dust for decades, is the complicity of Finnish SS-volunteers in atrocities against Jews and civilian population of Nazi-occupied Russia.

Relations with Nazi Germany were so good that Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler and Marshall Carl Gustaf Mannerheim drank a schnapps together in Mikkeli in fall 1942

For me personally, the geographic and later during the Cold War its geopolitical remoteness from Western Europe molded Finland into being too alike. Up to the 1970s even Finnish historians continued to use pseudoscience disciplines like eugenics dividing Finns into two “races:” the Nordic and East Baltic.  Even at elementary schools in the 1970s, children leaned that that the letter n stands for the n-word.

This led to distorted views about oneself just like Heikki Waris’ academic denial in the cold war years of the 1960s. He wrote: “Racial homogeneity particularly characterizes the Finnish people who have practically no racial minorities…Consequently, racial prejudice and discrimination are nonexistent.”

Being too alike has given racism and exceptionalism fertile ground to grow and shed roots.

Near-isolation has not helped us to deal with our demographic woes. As the population grays, and as our demographic, social and economic problems grow, some of us will search for answers in populist and Islamophobic parties like the Peussuomalaiset.*

It’s not difficult to connect the dots and seek the answer why racism, fascism, and nationalism are on the rise.

I believe that it will be the migrants, their children and grandchildren that will cure this country of its myopic view of itself and the outside world. They will be an effective antibody against racism.

Source: Lars Weserlund, The Finnish SS-volunteers and atrocities 1941-1943.

Back in the good old structural racism days of the 1980s, laws such as the Restricting Act of 1939 (law 219/1939), which became redundant in 1992, prohibited foreigners from owning real estate and acquiring a majority stake in Finnish companies—limiting this to 20% normally and 40% under special permission. Other “darlings” of that period were that foreigners weren’t allowed found newspapers, never mind organize demonstrations and be politically active.

At the time in Finland, there was no habeas corpus, no right to appeal your deportation, and no laws against racism never mind hate crime. Even Soviet citizens were forcibly returned to the former Soviet Union after requesting asylum.


Exposing Finnish white privilege #60: Oulu, OULU! Awaken and sniff the racist coffee.


Apart from the minors who were the victims of Oulu, other casualties are Finland’s migrant community and especially Muslim asylum seekers and refugees.

Anti-Hate Crime Organisation Finland

If the structure does not permit dialogue the structure must be changed.

Paulo Freire


The hysteria generated by the sexual assault cases of minors in Oulu is a reminder of Finland’s issues with racism. The clarion call to hostility by the Oulu police, politicians, the media and public is disproportionate: A whole system many times more powerful is bullying groups of people who are vulnerable and much smaller.

What we are seeing in Finland today in light of Oulu is white racist Finnish privilege at its hostile worse. That knee-jerk reaction is taking us to dangerous waters. What is the endgame of the labelling and victimization Muslims and migrants? Is it more violence and social exclusion?

Even before anyone is brought to trial, even before we have discussed thoroughly the causes and solutions of a social problem like sexual assault, state-run Yle, which represents and are our faint voice in Finland, is at it again with a new story victimizing migrants, especially Muslims.

The story’s headline is provocative: “We investigated why visits to childcare centers and schools were seen as a threat and other reasons as well.”

By the way, not one migrant or minority was cited in the story.


Read the full story (in Finnish) here.

The picture of a child on a swing in the story is in equally poor journalistic taste.

The aim of the story? To justify the  ban  even if the police does not see any dangers in such visits.

If I were writing the story I would ask the following questions:


ANTI-HATE CRIME ORGANISATION STATEMENT: You should not generalize and label all migrants


STATEMENT 5.2.2019
Suomen viharikosvastainen yhdistys ry
Finska Anti-Harbrottsorganisation rf
Anti-Hate Crime Organisation Finland
The news about the sexual assault cases in the northern Finnish city of Oulu have shocked everyone irrespective of the person’s cultural and religious background. Even so, in racializing the problem and debating whether sexual abuse is linked to a person’s cultural and religion, we have strayed further from finding a solution to the problem.
Apart from the minors who were the victims, other casualties are Finland’s migrant community and especially Muslim asylum seekers and refugees.
Apart from Muslims avoiding visiting Oulu’s city center at night because they feel unsafe, a number of migrants were attacked in that city. On Christmas Eve-Day, Oulu’s mosque was vandalized when a bike rack was thrown through a window.
Another outcome was the City of Oulu’s decision on January 28 to ban asylum seekers from visiting schools and daycare centers. The question that we should ask concerning the temporary ban is if it is legal.



TIEDOTE 5.2.2019

Suomen viharikosvastainen yhdistys ry
Finska Anti-Harbrottsorganisation rf
Anti-Hate Crime Organisation Finland

Uutiset Oulun kaupungissa tapahtuneista seksuaalirikoksista ovat järkyttäneet monia kulttuurista ja uskonnollisesta taustasta riippumatta. Kun leimataan keskustelussa seksuaaliset rikokset kulttuuriin ja uskontoon liittyviksi, se vie meitä kauemmas ongelman ratkaisuista ja oikeista lääkkeistä tähän sairauteen.

Alaikäisten uhrien lisäksi, uhreja ovat myös Suomen maahanmuuttajat ja erityisesti muslimiturvapaikanhakijat ja pakolaiset.

Lukuun ottamatta muslimeja, jotka välttävät käymästä Oulun keskustassa yöllä, koska he tuntevat olonsa turvattomaksi, useat maahanmuuttajat ovat kokenut erilaista väkivala. Jouluaattona polkupyöräteline heitettiin ikkunasta sisään Oulun moskeijaan.

Oulun kaupungin 28. tammikuuta tekemä tilapäinen päätös, joka kieltää turvapaikanhakijoita vierailemassa kouluissa ja päiväkodeissa, ei ole pelkästään valitettava ja lyhytnäköinen vaan todennäköisesti myös laiton.

Perustuslain 6 §: n mukaan jokainen ihminen on yhdenvertainen lain edessä. Ketään ei saa asettaa eri asemaan ”sukupuolen, iän, alkuperän, kielen, uskonnon, vakaumuksen, mielipiteen, terveydentilan, vammaisuuden tai muun henkilöön liittyvän syyn perusteella.”

Suomen viharikosvastainen yhdistys ry puhui tiistaina Oulun kaupungin tiedottajan kanssa ja kysyi, koskeeko kielto vain turvapaikanhakijoita. Vastaus oli myönteinen.


WARNING RACIST CONTENT: Helsingin Sanomat survey exposes the DNA of Finland’s racism



Helsingin Sanomat’s survey published on Monday after another questionable story on “model immigrants” was widely criticized on social media as outright racist. Even so, I would like to thank Finland’s largest daily for exposing the DNA of Finland’s racism and the continued low caliber and racism of its journalism on topics related to asylum seekers and migrants. 

The latest survey, the daily does not cite any sociologists or other experts and gives a clear picture of Finland’s racism without the daily taking any stand on the issue. Instead, Helsingin Sanomat cites as an “expert source” Perussuomalaiset (PS)* chairperson, Jussi Halla-aho, convicted of ethnic agitation and breaching the sanctity of religion in 2012.

One of these sources that were not cited is Gavan Titley, a University of Helsinki docent in media and communications.

“These poll questions are so badly constructed they would fail a first-year research methods module,” he said. “Given that they are constructed by a professional polling company, and a national newspaper, we can only assume that this bad method is deliberate. In other words, HS has decided to gain publicity, hits and clicks by shit-stirring about ‘migrants’ in an already tense situation. Debating this strategy, of course, only amplifies it – the only response is to cancel your subscription and tweet to them why you are doing so. There has always got to be some cost for this crap, no matter how minimal.”

As long as the media continues to see Halla-aho as an “expert” on migration issues, the ongoing debate will regress into a swamp of hearsay.

Here are some of the questions the survey asks:

  • Do you believe that the main factors for sexual assault crimes hinges on the migrants culture and religion? 65% answered in the affirmative;
  •  Politicians have done enough to awaken Finns to the news about the sexual assault cases (in Oulu by asylum seekers). The far-right PS were the most critical and believed that politicians had not done enough to raise awareness;
  • The best way to thwart sexual assault crimes is to tighten laws (26%); educate foreigners on Finnish laws and values (19%); lower the number of residence permits granted on humanitarian grounds (10%); and lower migration in general to Finland (10%).


How a ban on asylum seekers visiting schools/childcare centers in Oulu, Finland, should work in order for it not to be illegal



One interesting question about the ban on asylum seekers visiting schools and childcare centers is if it is legal. Even if this only applies to guided tours, it does raise some problematic questions about discrimination. 

Migrant Tales has heard from sources in Oulu that the ban on asylum seekers also includes public swimming halls of that city. The City of Oulu denies that the ban on asylum seekers applies to public swimming halls.

Section 6 of the Constitution states the following:  “Everyone is equal before the law. No one shall, without an acceptable reason, be treated differently from other persons on the ground of sex, age, origin, language, religion, conviction, opinion, health, disability or other reason that concerns his or her person.”

This is pretty clear, right?

Can somebody find the statement by the City of Oulu about the ban on asylum seekers? The city never put out a statement about their plans to ban asylum seekers from visiting schools and childcare centers.

What does Section 6 mean? It means that if there is a ban, like the one in Oulu, it must apply to everyone.