Sensationalist stories in Finland about migrants based on exaggeration and lies


Ever wondered what happened to those rape stories in the Finnish media? Below, you will find one with a provocative headline that strikes fear (and attracts potential advertisers): “A shocking figure from the beginning of the year: Rape crime grew by over 400% in Turku compared previously.”

Terrible, no? Certainly. Even one rape case is utterly unacceptable and should be condemned.

But wait a minute. The “over 400%” claim is based on a figure of 4 cases in 2016 compared with 21 in the first quarter of the year.

What we do not know:

  • Are these 21 suspected or convicted rape cases?
  • Do these 21 cases involve migrants, asylum seekers or tourists visiting Finland?

Be wary of rape stories that only use percentage figures to claim how much such cases have risen. Anti-immigration groups use this tactic constantly to drive home their point that migrants are over-represented in certain crime statistics. Look at volumes instead.

I called the editor of this community paper called Turkulainen last year and asked him if the headline and claim were ethical.

“Don’t you understand that we need to attract advertisers!” he said justifying the headline.


Roma anti-discrimination campaign by DIAK but offers nothing concrete


Video clips published by a program managed by the Diaconia University of Applied Sciences (DIAK) a privately owned university whose main shareholders are church foundations and institutions, launched a video with Finnish celebrities who were seeking jobs with Roma surnames. 

The videos, in which Tuomas Enbuske and Jari Sarasvuo appear among two other women, tell us something that the Roma have known for hundreds of years: discrimination and social exclusion. Both persons in the video appear surprised, even disappointed when nobody called them back for a job interview.

While these types of campaigns are good, they fall short fall short in providing us with tools and steps on how o challenge and eradicate such a serious social ill.

Why didn’t Enbuske and Sarasvuo ask why our response as a society to discrimination is so weak? Why aren’t there enough resources and, most importantly, the will to tackle such social ills?

Moreover, I do not Enbuske and Sarasvuo as champions of anti-discrimination who understand the role of cultural diversity in our society.

Enbuske, who has hosted television talk shows, has invited some of the most questionable racists on his show like James Hirvisaari, a former MP convicted for ethnic agitation, and people like Lenita Airisto, who scolded a Somali woman on his show that “you have come to my country, Finland is my country, and has taken you in with open arms…”

In one of his TV talk shows, Enbuske had to take down the headline and was reprimanded in 2015 by the Council for Mass Media (JSN). The questionable headline, which labelled all Somalis as “rapists,” posted by a subcontractor that MTV3 uses to advertise their programs.

Tuomas Enbuske


How widespread is discrimination in Finland? The answer: are you unemployed and do you get paid the same as Finns?


Finland’s Nobel Prize in economics, Bengt Holmström, said that white Finns must not share power and privileges with migrants and their children. In other words, they should get lower salaries social security benefits – are you ready for this?! – so that it does not irritate Finns.

A Migrant Tales reader wrote today what an employer told him a few years ago when he went for a job interview: “That guy’s exact words were that the other Finnish workers would get upset if I was paid the same as them……for doing the same job!!!!!

If Finland treats racism and discrimination with kid gloves, a social movement can help


Isn’t it sad to note how the Finnish media now discovers that migrants get paid less and have lower social security benefits than Finns?  Some, even union leaders like Sture Fjäder of Akava, go as far to state that unskilled migrants should get paid less. He later apologized for such a statement but won a confidence vote to keep his job. 

Even Finland’s Nobel Prize in economics, Bengt Holmström, said that white Finns must not share power and privileges with migrants and their children. In other words, they should get lower salaries social security benefits – are you ready for this?! – so that it does not irritate Finns.

Read the full story in Migrant Tales here.

Unbelievable, no?

But if you want to look deeper, all these comments and denial by the media, politicians and the public shows that Finland lacks the will and resolve to treat migrants and minorities as equal members of society. It exposes as well that racism and discrimination are deeply embedded in Finnish society.

Lower pay and lower social security benefits for migrants and minorities did not happen today or the previous week but has happened for decades.

I wonder how many people and journalists have read Pasi Suakkonen’s study, Maahanmuuttajen kotoutuminen Helsingissä (2016)? The study points out that migrants make annually on average nationally 27.3% less (21,479 euros versus 29,550 euros by Finns), and in Helsinki 38.5% less (22,286 euros versus 36,239 euros) than Finns.

Do they know that unemployment on average is 2-3 times higher among migrants than the national average? Do they know that migrant wages are so low in Helsinki that such people usually have to turn to financial support to get by?


More lies by Donald Trump and our obsession in Europe with “blood and race”


Relentless to bolster white USAmerican power and privileges, President Donald Trump announced the he will end with an executive order birthright citizenship, which is also known as jus soli, or “right of the soil,” guaranteed in the Fourteenth Amendment. Looking at Trump’s record and hostility against Hispanics, migrants, Muslims and other non-white minorities, it is clear that the US president is playing with fire.

While it will be difficult to repel the Fourteenth Amendment with an executive order, Trump’s latest announcement is another injection of xenophobia and white supremacy that will inspire future murderer.


Source: QuoteHD.

The legal term for birthright citizenship is jus soli, or “right of the soil.” It’s different from the term jus sanguinis, or “right of blood,” referring to laws which rely on a person’s heritage to decide his or her citizenship status.

Trump lied and claimed in an interview with Axios that the US is “the only country in the world where a person comes in and has a baby, and the baby is essentially a citizen of the United States for 85 years with all of those benefits,”adding “it’s ridiculous. It’s ridiculous. And it has to end.”

There are 33 countries, all in the Western Hemisphere, that grant citizenship to anyone born on its soil, according to PunditFact. Everywhere else in Europe and East Asia, citizenship derives through their parents.


Indefinite detention of a naturalized Finn held without any charges by the police


Migrant Tales insight: We got an email from a reader who was worried about the fate of her partner, who is a Russian-speaking Estonian with Finnish citizenship. He has been detained since 11.10.2018 but still has not been charged with any crime. The woman doesn’t know what will happen and her partner’s lawyer has made it clear that she has still not been made aware of the nature of the case. How long can the Finnish police hold someone without any charges? 

We aim to follow this story and will report on it as soon as we get any news on the fate of the man.

Some police cells in Finland may look like this one from in Mikkeli. The detained person is in Helsinki. Source: Migrant Tales.

He writes:

“That’s it, I’m taking time out of your recreation time for that.

Go ahead and do it, because eventually I’m gonna be out of here and you’re still going to be losing your entire life to this place.

The Roma girl next to me in the elevator begins to belly laugh, in spite of the stomach ache which was bothering her earlier, and her wide skirts tremble with each successive giggle. The guard shuts up and glowers all the way up to the rec yard on the roof.

Even though we aren’t permitted to talk to each other, human nature has a way of helping us to communicate even as we talk past one another furtively for fear of drawing the attention of the sadistic guards.

‘Why are you here?’ A skinny Estonian guy rasps at me, as he chews relentlessly on the toothpick permanently lodged between his teeth.

‘A mistake,’ I whisper back, too loudly, and one of the guards hears me.

‘Yeah, a mistake, that’s what you all say. Every time it’s a mistake.’

I try not to let comments like this bother me, but the truth is, the rampant generalization and de-personalization hurt me.


Racism, Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia: Words can turn into bullets and corpses


Recently we have seen the consequences of hatred towards minorities in the United States: The cold-blooded shooting of an alt-right suspect that attacked a synagogue killing 11 people in Pittsburgh, the killing of two African Americans in Louisville, and mail bombs sent to Democrats and liberals who oppose President Donald Trump.

This is the United States under an administration and Republican control of the House and Senate spewing hatred against minorities. Imagine, President Trump, wants to send the army to protect the US border with Mexico against Central Americans fleeing political violence that the United States has caused.

Here is one survey by the EU that reveals Islamophobia in Finland. Source: Discrimination in the EU in 2015.


Finland’s Nobel Prize in economics states that white Finns must not share power and privileges with migrants and their children


Bengt Holmström is a Finnish economist who received the Nobel Prize in economics in 2016. What he may know about economics does not mirror his knowledge of Nordic values such as social equality and especially how migrants and minorities live in Finland. 

In an interview in YLE, and speaking as a white Finn on behalf of migrants and minorities in Finland, he states that foreigners would accept getting paid lower salaries and have less comprehensive social welfare.

“It’s good for them [migrants],” he stated. “By the same token, it would let them to move up the [social] ladder and it would not irritate Finns so much [because foreigners have done little to nothing to build the country’s social welfare system that has taken white Finns decades].”

In other words, let’s make discrimination and inequality the standard. Isn’t that how things are run in this country?

As we accept – and do nothing – to promote and make migrants equal members of society, Holmström ensures that their children and grandchildren will continue to live as second-class citizens.

While such claims by Holmström should raise eyebrows, he does us a favor by reinforcing what we’ve always known about this country: Non-discrimination laws in Finland don’t really work and are hypocritical.

Read the full story here