Kouvolan Sanomat of Finland asks four people if they’d work for a foreign company

Blogger: Migrant Tales

You’d think that most Finns know that their country is part of the globalized world…Well, almost everyone knows but there are just a few who haven’t figured it out. 

Kouvola Sanomat: Do you have anything against being hired by a foreign-owned company?

Ville-Matti Ahola: “At the moment I am employed, but if I needed a job I’d be happy to accept [working for a foreign company]. Jobs are so hard to find these days.”
Timo Pöljö: “Of course I’d accept. Now I have to drive long distances to work. If the workplace were in this town I could bike to work”.
Jenni Ylätalo: “Absolutely not. I moved to Kaipiainen because this is a small village and one does not see foreigners here. I’m patriotic and think Finland belongs to the Finns”.
Outi Vainonen: “Hard to say. I do not have a job at the moment and one needs a job. But it’s a difficult topic since one can’t tell what kind of people foreigners are”.

 Thank you Ossi Mäntylahti for the heads-up.