Muhammed Shire and Enrique Tessieri

Deported Somali asylum seeker from Finland allegedly jailed and then released

Migrant Tales has learned that a Somali asylum seeker deported from Finland to the Somali capital Mogadishu was allegedly arrested and then released a few hours after his arrival. He arrived in Somalia on Wednesday at 11 am Finnish time. 

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How the police, National Border Guards and white Finnish institutions keep visible migrants and minorities on a short leash

What would you say if the police, the National Border Guards, Regional State Administrative Agencies (AVI), Customs, Rescue Department, and City of Helsinki health inspectors came knocking on your door on a Saturday afternoon? Such a thing happened yesterday at the Puhos shopping center of Easter Helsinki, where the majority of customers are visible migrants and minorities.

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Finland’s culturally diverse community must point out and scorn our Uncle Toms

What does it say about our society when second-generation children of migrants join far-right groups that spew racism? We have a few of them in Finland like Gleb Simanov and the even more notorious types like Junes Lokka, Marco de Wit, and Miki Sileoni. 


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