Migrants’ Rights Network

Migrants’ Rights Network: Press editorialising rather than reporting facts on immigration – report

A new report finds that nearly half of all newspaper immigration stories since 2006 relied on statements or arguments made by the journalist, rather than reporting the views of external sources such as policy-makers, NGOs, community organizations or academics.

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Migrants’ Rights Network: Progressive thinktank sets out reasons why immigration is needed to create “the Good Society”

Compass, a thinktank that describes itself as “building a Good Society; one that is much more equal, sustainable and democratic than the society we are living in now” has published a ‘thinkpiece’ which sets out arguments why a positive attitude to immigration has to be a part of this process.

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Migrants’ Rights Network: Court of Appeal rules against challenge to lawfulness of family immigration rules

Migrant Tales’ insight: The drama and pain continues in the United Kingdom after this unfair ruling… ________________ The long-awaited judgment of the Court of Appeal in the case ‘MM’ on the matter of the lawfulness of the UK immigration rules setting income levels for the sponsorship of non-EEA family members was made public this morning. 

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