An insult to over a million Finns

By Enrique Tessieri

The racial and cultural “theories” peddled by some members of parties like the True Finns are not only an example of their ignorance of the subject but a rude slap in the face to over a million Finns who live abroad. Many of us are that multicultural “nightmare” that some in this country want to avoid at all costs.

Too often when some Finnish politicians speak out against refugees and immigrants as if we were a plague, that person usually ends up insulting hundreds of thousands that emigrated from this country to other lands.

Finland’s debate on immigration and multiculturalism has deep flaws. For one, it has a lot of racist overtones since some believe that being an immigrant or having a multicultural background is a disadvantage. Finns are “white, Lutheran and represent a monoculture,” they argue.

With so many Finns living abroad in so many countries  how can anyone make such a ludicrous claim in a globalized world?

When anti-immigration groups in this country  insult refugees as “welfare shoppers” they throw dirt on those refugees and immigrants that left Finland in the past centuries.

Expatriate Finns must take part in the ongoing debate in Finland on immigration and refugees because we are the fruit that has budded in foreign lands thanks to our ancestors’ restless yearning and ambition.

I for one am especially proud of my Finnish and multicultural background.