Reija Härkönen: Armoa, presidentti Niinistö


Euroopassa on poikkeustilanne. Suomi Pohjolan perillä toivoo salaa, että solmittuja sopimuksia tulkitaan niin, että muut maat hoitavat jutun, estävät mutavyöryn ja suomalaiset saavat itse nautiskella tämän maan houkuttelevista vetovoimatekijöistä.

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Jos nyt todennäköiseltä näyttävän pakolaismäärän vastaanottaminen on maallemme suunnaton ongelma, niin minkä kuvan se antaa yhteiskuntamme kyvystä suoriutua poikkeustilanteista yleensä? Mitäpä jos maatamme kohtaisi iso katastrofi, luonnonvoimien tai ihmisen aiheuttama. Kuinka pitkään silloin pitäisi keskustella siitä, pidetäänkö huolta ihmisistä, vai neuvotellaanko niiden kanssa, jotka eivät halua yhteisiä voimia ja varoja käytettävän väärien ihmisten hyväksi. Pitäisikö kauankin kuunnella kyselyjä siitä, ovatko Itä-Suomesta katastrofin keskeltä pakoon lähteneet ihan tosissaan, vai halajavatko vain lähemmäksi Ruotsin laivoja ja Helsingin sushiravintoloita asumaan? Ja entä jos ne radikalisoituvat pääkaupunkiseudun erilaisessa kulttuurissa? Ja mitenköhän se on, tulisiko silloinkin valtakunnan ylimmältä taholta sellainen julkinen arvelu, että joillakin niistä on pahat mielessä, vaikka eräät eivät kuulemma sitä halua uskoa.


Matti Putkonen takes the Perussuomalaiset to the Twilight Zone


Here’s what happened Wednesday. Perussuomalaiset (PS)* MP Olli Immonen, who’s been pictured with neo-Nazis and recently declared war on “the nightmare of multiculturalism,” gave a press conference where he promised to write clearer text so that nobody could interpret them as racist or having neo-Nazi overtones. 

Immonen also announced that he’d step down until October from the PS parliamentary group, writes YLE in English.

But that’s not all, PS strongman MattiPutkonen went on to point his finger at a number of politicians, professors and editors who, according to him, were “slandering and taunting the Perussuomalaiset party as well as inciting people and the media to threatening hate speech.”

According to online publication Uusi Suomi, PS member Matti Putkonen announced the following people were guilty of “hate speech” against the PS. These were four Social Democratic Party politicians (Eero Heinäluoma, Annti Rinne, Tytti Tuppurainen and Erkki Tuomioja), Li Andersson of the Left Alliance, Green League chairman Ville Niinistö, National Coalition Party’s Henna Virkkunen, former Rural Party head Pekka Vennamo, two professors and three editors are guilty of hate speech against the PS.

The PS enter the Twilight Zone.

Once again we see how the PS twists words like a magician out of a hat. One of the most incredible ones used by the party recently was “illegal refugees.”

What is an “illegal” refugee anyway?  (more…)

The Perussuomalaiset is a racist and far right party because…


No matter how much Perussuomalaiset (PS)* party member Matti Purkonen, MP Sampo Terho or Timo Soini assure us that they are against racism and fascism,[1] the more they incriminate their party. Renouncing racism and far right ideology would be tantamount to committing political hara-kiri for the PS. 

Should we be surprised on Friday by PS party secretary Riikka Slunga-Poutsalo’s claim that four out of five refugees coming to Europe are only economic migrants? Should we be surprised by PS MP Olli Immonen’s declaration of war against “the nightmare of multiculturalism” and his ties with neo-Nazi groups?

Not at all. What you see is what it is.

There are two matters that the Finnish media doesn’t get with the PS and hasn’t connected the dots:

  1. The PS grew from obscurity thanks to the fact that society saw Somalis as a negative factor and that they would get rid of this “problem;” [2]

  2. Soini is seen for some odd reason as the “good cop” of the PS who is trying to bring in line racists, xenophobes and fascists to whom he gave a political voice in Finland. The media should stop giving him the benefit of the doubt.

Everyone knows that the PS will fail in  ridding Finland of what it thinks is the Somali “problem,” which now includes as well Muslims and Middle Easterners.


Thank you Timo Soini and Riikka Slunga-Poutsalo for showing us (again) how big of a social ill racism is in Finland


Imagine how a political party like the Perussuomalaiset (PS)* can destroy with their xenophobic and populist sound bites not only the credibility of a government that’s planning to slash billions of euros but the good name of this country abroad. 

In one racist statement they soil our country’s image but there is a silver lining: They reveal how much racism is a problem in this country and how much work needs to be done to challenge and eliminate it.

It is a good matter that we have the resources to challenge a social ill like racism. The only matter, in my opinion, that is still lacking, is the will to challenge it on all fronts.

PS party secretary Riikka Slunga-Poutsalo, who is a firm supporter of MEP Jussi Halla-aho’s xenophobic rhetoric, led the charge again on Friday with her comment about refugees.

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Read full story (in Finnish) here.


Defining white Finnish privilege #24: Becoming a heartless accomplice in wars and people’s suffering


During the so-called “war on terror” launched by former President George W. Bush and his cronies like Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Chaney, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Pearle, Condoleezza Rice and many, many others,  made up new terms to justify their wars in Iraq and the death of hundreds of thousand of people. 

Do you remember the term enhanced interrogation, which meant torture? What about collateral damage for civilian deaths, and regime change that meant coup in the old CIA tradition?

Remember synonyms for torture techniques like waterboarding, walling and rectal feeding?

030402-N-5362A-004 Southern, Iraq (Apr. 2, 2003) -- U.S. Army Sgt. Mark Phiffer stands guard duty near a burning oil well in the Rumaylah Oil Fields in Southern Iraq. Coalition forces have successfully secured the southern oil fields for the economic future of the Iraqi people and are in the process of extinguishing the burning wells that were set ablaze in the early stages of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Operation Iraqi Freedom is the multi-national coalition effort to liberate the Iraqi people, eliminate Iraq's weapons of mass destruction and end the regime of Saddam Hussein. U.S. Navy photo by Photographer's Mate 1st Class Arlo K. Abrahamson. (RELEASED)
White privilege can lead to wars as was the case in the US-led invasion of Iraq. Source: Wikipdia

In the same way that the Bush administration used to justify its crimes by invading foreign countries, new terms are being used today by politicians and the media to justify our inaction to what is happening to refugees fleeing war-torn countries like Syria.

How many columnists and editorialists connect the present refugee crisis in Syria with the invasion of Iraq in 2003? If your answer is too few then we must investigate deeper to understand why.


UPDATE (August 21): Migrant Tales’ 2015 Hall of Poor and Sloppy Journalism


Migrant Tales’ 2015 Hall of Poor and Sloppy Journalism will be updated separately. To see other examples of opinionated journalism in Finland about cultural diversity, please go to this link.

August 20

Sarasvuo HSTV:ssä: Suomalaista kulttuuria uskallettava suojella islamilta (HSTV)

What’s wrong with this story? A lot.For one, the guests who speak about Islam and refugees to Europe appear not to have the faintest idea about what they are talking about never mind how cultural diversity works. In their small worlds immigration translates to Islam and people coming by boat to Europe. Former businessman Jari Sarasvuo, for example, claimed that Finnish culture must dare to protect itself from Islam. The other guest, Jari Ehrnrooth, believed that people from Islamic countries could never adapt to our Western way of life because they “live a thousand years” behind us in time. What did the host do during the show? He gave them the opportunity to spread their ignorance and prejudices to the viewers. If you’re guessing why Finland and the Nordic region is being threatened by populist anti-immigration parties, this show is a good example.

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Reija Härkönen: Vyöryjen vyöry, mutta onko se mutaa vai ihmisiä?


Reija Härkönen

Mutavyöry on termi, joka on toistunut Hommaforumilla ja muilla rasistisilla keskustelupalstoilla. Sillä tarkoitetaan Suomeen saapuvia afrikkalais- tai arabipakolaisia. Mutavyöry tulee ja peittää maan. Surkean kohtalon kokeneiden ihmisten hätä koitetaan peittää ja pelotella valkoisia, puhtaita suomalaisia.

”Hallitsemattomat pakolaisvirrat” vyöryivät Jussi Halla-ahon näppäimistöllä jo vuonna 2009

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Suomen äidit jatkavat vyöryn tarkkailua vuonna 2010

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Nyt elokuussa 2015 media jälleen vyöryttelee innoissaan:


Perussuomalaiset label fleeing refugees to Europe as economic migrants and welfare shoppers


PS party secretary Riikka Slunga-Poutsalo said today on Suomen Uutiset, a PS publication, that four out of five people that flee to Europe from Northern Africa and the Middle East aren’t refugees but economic migrants and welfare shoppers.

Considering that Slunga-Poutsalo, who is a member of extremist MEP Jussi Halla-aho’s anti-immigration wing of the PS, uses such words to describe people fleeing from war-torn countries like Syria begs a serious question:

Why should the government allow such language to be used by one of its coalition partners?

What else did Slunga-Poutsalo say?